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Single Serve Bacon Storage

Hate opening a whole package of bacon just to use a couple slices at a time? With this tip, no bacon will go to waste.

No-Mess Oven Bacon

Learn to quickly cook bacon without the hassle of pan-frying. The oven gets the job done with a fraction of the mess.

Grilling Know-How

Curious on how to achieve the perfect cooked meat? From turning to temperatures, we have the guide for you.

Choosing the Right Ham

There are many different varieties of ham. What distinguishes them, and which should you roast for Easter dinner?

Skimming Fat

Here's an environmentally friendly and easy way to remove excess grease from ground beef and sausage.

Slicing Cold Meat

Thin slices of meat pick up great flavor, cook quick, and stay moist. This trick makes it easy to thinly slice meat before cooking.

Room for More Ribs

Space a little tighter on your grill than you'd like? Here's a creative way to make room for even more meat.