Pork Ribs: Baby Back Ribs vs Spareribs

What’s the difference between baby back ribs and spareribs?

Pork Ribs: Baby Back Ribs vs Spareribs

Baby back ribs and spareribs are both pork ribs that are simply different portions of the same rib cage. The much-loved baby backs come from the very top of the hog’s back — they’re shorter and smaller (hence their name), plus leaner, very tender, and pricier.

Spareribs come from the lower rib cage near the hog’s belly. The meat is tougher and fattier, but when cooked right the ribs are juicy and tender. Since they come from the same area bacon does, they’re very flavorful. Spareribs are typically trimmed down to remove the breastbone and cartilage to become the popular St. Louis-style ribs.

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