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How to Flavor & Tenderize Meat and Vegetables with Marinades

Look around your kitchen, and you’ll see everything needed to add extra layers of flavor or to tenderize your favorite meal — vinegars, juices, milk, vegetables, spices, even wine. In this step-by-step tutorial we explain all that you should know about marinades and how they work . . . while you relax.

How to grill the perfect steak

A perfectly flame-charred steak is truly a work of art, but you need more than just a full tank of propane to become an artist. These tips are sure to put you on the road to success.

Learn All About Indirect Grilling

Learn the indirect approach to grilling with this step-by-step tutorial. What is indirect grilling? It's bascially a technique that turns your grill into an outdoor oven so you can cook big items, like whole chickens, pork loins, and beef tenderloins, pizza, some vegetables, etc. So the next time you fire up the grill, use this guide, follow these four simple steps, and take the indirect route to perfectly cooked meats, pizza, vegetables, and more.

How to Make a Basic Brine

Brining is a simple technique that replaces the water in meat and poultry with the brining solution which yields juicier, more flavorful meat. With this quick refresher, you'll learn how to make a basic brine so you'll be well on your way to juicy, flavorful meat and poultry in no time.

Trussing Turkey

With this trusty tip in mind trussing the turkey legs together this year will be easy as can be!

Easy Broth

Homemade broth ups the flavor ante in any recipe that calls for broth, making it is easy with this tip!

Thawing Meat

Find yourself in a pinch with frozen meat and dinner closing in? Use this tip to speed up thawing time!

Cleaning the Grill

Stop scraping and start steaming your grill grates after cooking for an easy way to get them clean.

Carving a Chicken

These four easy steps demystify carving a cooked chicken into separate pieces and makes serving easier.