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Kitchen Tips

Every cook wants to learn fast new ways of performing everyday kitchen tasks. From seeding a tomato to shaping a perfect meatball to cutting a meringue pie, we explain how to do almost everything better and quicker — loaded with solutions to your cooking dilemmas, search through our library of clever culinary tips to help you in the kitchen with our tips, tricks, and timesavers.

Carving a Chicken

These four easy steps demystify carving a cooked chicken into separate pieces and makes serving easier.

Jar Opener

Find it hard to break open jars of pickles or roasted red peppers? This trick makes opening those pesky jars easier!

Cleaning a Pineapple

Stop throwing away precious fresh pineapple with this helpful tip that that cuts down on waste.

Removing Tomato Paste

Getting all of the tomato paste out of the can proves to be tricky, well not anymore with this slick trick!

Cleaning Leeks

Leeks can be challenging to clean, especially if you want to keep the leek in tact. Use this tip to do both!

Perfectly Cooked Pasta

This fool-proof tip makes cooking pasta a cinch every time. Keep this tip on hand for pasta night.

Heart-Shaped Cake

You don't need a heart-shaped pan to bake up a festive cake. This simple method makes Valentine's Day dessert a cinch.

Party Chips

Make the most of your chips, while adding a little beautification to your party table, with this super simple tip.

Freezing Herbs

Quit throwing away fresh herbs and get ahead on prep with this great storage tip that will save you money and time.

Grate Cleaning Tip

Stop chewing up your sponge and your time with this easy fix for cleaning a dirty cheese grater.

Freezing Blue Cheese

Don't let expensive blue cheese go to waste, and always have some on hand with this simple tip for long-term storage.