Seitan vs Tempeh

How are seitan and tempeh different? Can they be used as substitutes?

Seitan vs Tempeh

Though they’re both common vegetarian protein sources, the main difference between seitan [SAY-tan] and tempeh [TEHM-pay] is what they’re made of. Seitan is formed from wheat gluten, while tempeh is a cake of slightly fermented soybeans.

Also called “wheat meat” and mock duck, seitan is a protein-packed product with a meaty texture. It comes precooked in many forms and can be prepared just like tofu. It has a mildly bready flavor, but easily takes on the flavors of marinades and spices.

Tempeh has a nutty, meaty flavor. It comes in the form of a dense cake, with a texture much like a veggie burger. It can be sliced, crumbled, or even shredded with a cheese grater for use in place of ground beef.

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