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With in-depth cooking articles and step-by-step cooking videos, we’ll help you learn more about how to cook great food at home. Master cooking techniques that will make you successful in the kitchen, and take a closer look at some of our favorite ingredients. Learn everything from how to cure meats to making cheese at home, plus find Test Kitchen-approved techniques for getting tricky treats like hollandaise sauce and flaky pie crust to turn out perfectly.

Better Flavor for Breading

Egg washes are the norm for breading, but there's a better, more flavorful way! Use our quick tip to provide for flavor and cling for the breading.

Hollow Out Mushrooms with a Melon Baller

When prepping mushrooms for stuffing, use this simple trick to remove the gills and give the perfect amount of space for the filling. It makes a nice shape with lots of space for good stuff!

How to Revive Limp Vegetables

Don't toss those limp vegetables, like artichokes, asparagus and broccoli, just yet! You may be able to revive them with this simple tip.

Double Up Egg Wash for Even Better Bread

Want your seeded bread to really shine—and not lose all the toppings while you are cutting slices and before you get it to your mouth? Here's a simple tip for better bread baking at home.

Rectangular Rise for Dough Proofing

Make your pastry and bread making easier with this simple tip! When making stromboli, sweet rolls or anything that needs to be in a long, rectangular shape, try this dough proofing hack.

Easy Pizza Transfer with Parchment Paper

Learning how to use a pizza peel is a practice in patience, but with this simple trick, you never need to worry about transferring your pizza from the peel to stone anymore.

No-Drip Lid

Need to keep your soup or sauce warm on the stove until serving, but don't want the consistency to change? Here's a simple tip to keep your food warm—without the moisture from the lid dripping into your dish.

Cast-Iron Care

If you've ever wondering how to care for your cast-iron cookware, we've got you covered with these simple tips to keep your skillets and Dutch ovens in top shape.

How to Ripen Tomatoes

Here’s a way to ripen green tomatoes that aren't quite at their juicy, peak ripeness or that you’ll have to pull off the vine before the first frost.

Aromatic Grilling with Herbs

Don't throw out those woody, end-of-season herbs! Use this simple tip to preserve them and impart more flavor into your grilled foods.

DIY Olive Oil Bottle

Protect your pricey olive oil from rancidity (and save some money) by recycling old wine bottles and making a DIY olive oil bottle.

How to Safely Cut Hard Squash

If you're a squash lover who can't wait to cut into and bake your first squash of the fall season, this tip is for you! Here's a way to safely cut into those rock-hard squash.

How to Revive Wilted Basil

Here's a simple tip to help revive wilted basil—and a few other basic basil care tips, including how to store fresh basil.

How to Revive Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans dry out as they age or if they are improperly stored. Here's how to tell if your vanilla bean is fresh-and a tip on how to revive it if it's dried out.

How to Easily Clean a Pizza Stone

Pizza stones can be difficult to clean, partly because they're heavy and cumbersome and partly because they shouldn't be submerged in water or scrubbed with soap. Here's a simple way to clean a pizza stone—without removing it from the oven!

An Easy Way to Date Food for the Freezer

Ensuring food that makes it's way to the freezer is labeled with the name and date is crucial to keeping your food fresher and safer to eat. Never wonder what's wrapped in in your freezer again with this helpful tip.

How to Clean a Blender or Food Processor

Blenders and food processors can be difficult (and dangerous!) to clean by hand because of the sharp blender and the narrow shape of the blender. Here's an easy—and safe—way to clean these electric appliances.

How to Stabilize Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are easy appetizers, but stuffing and serving them can be a problem—their round shape causes them to wobble around. Here's an easy tip to keep your deviled eggs upright and stabilized for serving.

Preserve Herbs by Making Flavored Vinegars

Are your fresh herbs nearly past their prime? Use them to make flavored vinegars that will provide even more flavor to vinaigrettes and sauces. Here's how to make herb-flavored vinegar.

How to Sharpen a Vegetable Peeler

You may have never thought you should—or could—sharpen your vegetable peeler, but with this simple tip, you can ensure your peeler stays sharp forever.

How to Dry Fresh Herbs

Gardens are generally overflowing with fresh herbs towards the end of the growing season. Preserve your fresh herbs for year-round use with this simple tip.

DIY Superfine Sugar

No need to keep superfine sugar on hand for baking! You can make it at home using regular old granulated sugar. Here's how to make superfine sugar.

Remove Germ from Garlic to Improve Flavor

As garlic ages, it can begin form a green shoot in the center where the germ is. Unless you have young, fresh garlic, you may want to remove the germ to improve the flavor. Here's how to do it.

How to Make Quick Pan-Roasted Garlic

Roasted garlic is inimitable in its sweet, mild garlic flavor, but it can take up to an hour to roast a whole head. Here's a quick method for pan-roasting garlic.

All-Purpose Brushes for Cleaning

Toothbrushes and paint brushes may seem like they have no place in the kitchen—but they can be indispensable in cleaning and food prep. Here's a few ways to use these all-purpose brushes in your own kitchen.

How to Chop Nuts—and Keep Them From Rolling Around

When chopping round nuts (like macadamia nuts) with your chef’s knife, the nuts have a tendency to fly right off the cutting board, making a dangerous mess. Here's a simple way to chop nuts and keep them from rolling around.

An Easy Way to Skim Stock

When making stock, there's bound to be some "scum" that floats on the surface that can marr your otherwise perfect homemade stock. Here's an easy way to skim your stocks and broths to remove residue.

How to Make Perfectly Round Icebox Cookies

Icebox cookies are a baker's best friend: you can always have homemade cookie dough at the ready to bake off whenever you need a quick dessert. But how do you keep the cookies round? Here's a simple storage tip that will ensure your cookies look perfect every time.

How to Make Citrus Salt

If you have any leftover citrus zest from making meat marinades or salad dressings, or just need the juice—zest the citrus anyway!—and make citrus salt. It can be used in a multitude of ways to add a bright citrus note to recipes.

Don't Throw Out Those Radish Leaves!

Don’t throw out those fresh radish leaves! Instead, try adding them to salads, soups, and vegetable side dishes just as you would any green herb or greens like arugula.

Make Roux for Gravy and Freeze for Later Use

When you make stock, use the resulting fat to make roux. Then freeze the roux in small disks for later use. You'll always have a richly flavored roux base on hand for making gravy and sauces.

Club Soda Pancakes

Here's a simple replacement to make the lightest, fluffiest pancakes—plus it works in just about any recipe! And you can use it in your favorite waffle recipe, too.

How to Steam-Warm Tortillas

Take a tip from Mexican restaurants and steam your tortillas to warm them. They retain their flavor and texture, without getting too soft or too crisp.

Save Money When Cooking or Baking with Alcohol

Alcohol can be an indispensable ingredient to have in your cooking repertoire, but keeping several different full-sized bottles on hand for infrequent use is both expensive and a space-waster! Here's a quick tip on how to save money (and space) when baking or cooking with alcohol.

How to Easily Skin Fish

Skinning a fish fillet can be slippery and frustrating business. Here's a simple—and safe—way to help get a grip on the fish skin.

How to Make Perfectly Caramelized Vegetables

Roasting vegetables can be delicious and exciting, especially if they are perfectly cooked with a caramelized crust. Here's how to make perfectly roasted, caramelized vegetables every single time.

How to Keep Parchment Paper from Sliding

Does your parchment paper curl up or slip and slide all over your baking sheets when you're preparing a recipe? Here's a simple trick to keep your parchment in place.

How to Make Individual Servings Using a Muffin Tin

If you like to make individual servings of side dishes and desserts, there's an easier way than using multiple ramekins. Here's how you can use a common bakeware item to make individual servings of just about anything.

How to Trim Hearty Greens

Many popular dishes now use peppery greens like collards, turnips, mustard, and chard. But trimming them can be a pain. Here's a simple and efficient way to trim the stem out of hearty greens.

How to Freeze Rice

Freezing leftover rice—or making extra next time rice is on the menu-can be a real timesaver on busy weeknights or when you're looking for a quick lunch or dinner. Here's the best way to freeze rice for use later.

Ways to Use Orange Juice Concentrate

Frozen orange juice concentrate is both long-lasting and highly flavorful—it can be a great addition to a multitude of foods to give a strong, sweet orange taste. Here's a few ways to use it.

The Secret to Perfect, Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

For mashed potatoes with more potato flavor and no sogginess, use this method for cooking your potatoes. An added benefit: the potatoes stay fluffy, even with less dairy or butter added.

Perfectly Centered Yolks in Hard-Cooked Eggs

Egg yolks rarely remain perfectly centered in the egg after packaging, shipping and storage. To help the chalazae hold the yolk in the center of the egg for the perfect hard-cooked egg, try this simple trick. Just make sure to plan ahead because you need a full 24 hours before cooking for this tip to work!

DIY Nonstick Pizza Cutter

When you cut pizza with a pizza cutter, do you lose half the cheese and toppings to your cutter? Here's a simple tip to make it nonstick so your toppings stay put.

DIY Nook and Cranny Cleaner for Kitchen

It’s difficult to get those tight spaces clean in waffle irons, bread machines and other small kitchen appliances. Here's a simple, inexpensive solution—and it only takes a quick trip to the hardware store!

Use Dough as a Dough Tamper

No need to buy a dough tamper to press pie/tart dough into pans! With this simple tip, you will have perfect, smooth crusts every time.

How to Cut a Pineapple

Pineapple is one of the more difficult fruits to cut, because it's large, has a spiky skin and those prickly "eyes" inside the fruit once you've cut it. Here’s a way to peel pineapple with as little waste as possible and get the added bonus of decorative slices.

Griddle Grilling

Expand the possibilities of your grilling by using a cast-iron griddle as another cooking surface for your grill. You can cook just about anything you would make in your cast-iron pan or griddle indoors and it takes the fun outside.

How to Make Chocolate Leaves

Here's a simple way to make chocolate leaves. Buying fresh roses every time you make chocolate leaves is costly so try our cost-effective (and reusuable) way to make these decorative leaves that elevate the presentation of your desserts.

DIY Jar Grip

Some jars are tough to open. Save your money and don't purchase those rubber jar grips! You can make a DIY version at home with a rubberband.

Use Dowels for Even Dough Rolling

Rolling dough and pastry to an even, accurate thickness is hard with just a rolling pin. Here's a simple way to create guides to ensure even rolling of your pastry and pie doughs.

How to Core Peppers

Learn how to remove the core and seeds and segment a pepper with these simple (and clean!) steps.

How to Tie a Surgeon's Knot

Surgeon's knots are great for tying meat, like roasts and tenderloins, to help it cook evenly. Here's a simple way to tie a surgeon's knot.

How to Make No-Weep Meringue

With this simple trick, you no longer have to worry about your beautiful desserts being ruined by soggy meringue leaking droplets of liquid. Say goodbye to weeping meringues forever!

The Best Way to Freeze Cream

Instead of letting any bit of a carton of heavy cream spoil in your refrigerator, turn to your freezer instead. It is possible to freeze heavy cream—here's the best way to do it.

A No-Slip Way to Remove Poultry Skin

Whether you're breaking down a whole chicken or just prefer to buy skin-on chicken because of its lower price, here's a simple no-slip way to remove the skin from chicken or turkey.

Blender Safety with Chopsticks

When using the blender, it seems more food ends up stuck under the blades than anyplace else. Save those take-out chopsticks and put them to good use with this quick tip.

How to Prevent a Gap in Double-Crust Pies

When you remove a double-crust pie from the oven, you're always crossing your fingers for a masterpiece, but sometimes the top crust separates from the filling, causing a gap. Here's a simple way to prevent this baking problem.

Freeze Nuts to Preserve Freshness

Nuts purchased in bulk (like at health food stores) are usually fresher and cheaper than those sold in small bags, but it can be hard to use them all up before they go rancid or stale. Here's a simple way to preserve the freshness of nuts for a long period of time.

Why You Need a Pair of Kitchen Tweezers

Kitchen tweezers may seem like an unnecessary, restaurant-only kitchen tool for placing and removing the smallest or most delicate ingredients. But they are incredibly useful in the home kitchen as well. Here are some of the best uses for tweezers in your kitchen.

DIY Non-Stick Muffin Liners

Baking cups are great for keeping muffin tins clean, but sometimes the muffins stick to them, leaving behind parts of your muffin and leaving them looking mangled. Here's a quick tip to make your muffin liners nonstick!

Why You Need Squeeze Bottles in Your Kitchen

Squeeze bottles give you easy access to the most-used ingredients in the kitchen—and also help give you more precision when you're adding ingredients to recipes. Here are a few simple ways to use squeeze bottles in your kitchen.

How to Reduce Boilovers

Boilovers can cause a real mess in the kitchen and can even ruin a recipe, costing you time and money. Here's a simple way to reduce the likelihood of pot boilovers—it's not foolproof, so make sure to keep your eye on the stove.

An Easy Way to Test Avocados for Ripeness

Ever cut into an avocado that felt ripe to the touch, only to discover that it wasn’t? Here’s an easy way to test your avocado for ripeness without cutting up the fruit.

The Many Uses for a Bench Scraper

One of the best kitchen tools is the bench knife (also known as a pastry or dough scraper). It’s a baker’s best friend and performs many tasks. Here are a few ways to use one in your kitchen.

How to Make Butter From Overwhipped Cream

Have you ever turned on your mixer to whip some cream and—OOPS—got distracted and forgot about it, only to return to clumpy, overwhipped cream? Don't throw it out...make butter!

How to Fold Ingredients for Baking With a Whisk

The way you whip and fold egg whites or whipped cream into batters is crucial to the success of your baked goods. A rubber spatula is the most common tool used to fold ingredients, but there's one that does the job even better. See our tip for how to fold whipped ingredients into batters for baking success.

DIY Splatter Guard

Tired of splatters from a hand mixer? Use this quick tip to make your own DIY shield to protect you (and your clothes) from splatters and splashes—and keep your kitchen cleaner!

How to Make Balsamic Syrup

Balsamic syrup tastes sweet and looks great as a garnish to drizzle on and flavor salads, appetizers and main dishes—you can even use it as a syrup for desserts! Here's a quick way to make balsamic syrup from inexpensive grocery-store balsamic vinegar.

How to Chop Onions

Most chefs cut onions in a very specific fashion—its similar to the technique here with one difference. They make a horizontal cut into the onion halves. It puts your fingers at risk and no one’s ever given a good reason for making that extra cut—except that it’s how they were taught in culinary school. Here's an equally effective way to chop onions.

How to Cut Perfect Cheesecake Slices with Floss

Cutting cheesecake with a knife can leave a real mess behind—and can really butcher your cheesecake slices. Here's a simple tip to cut perfect cheesecake slices with a basic household item you're sure to have.

Freeze Fresh Spinach for Quick Chopping

Freeze fresh spinach instead of buying frozen cooked spinach. The fresh flavor remains, and it's easy to prep when you need it—plus clean up is non-existent!

Tips to Keep Cream Cold When Whipping

It's a well-known fact that cold cream whips better—but what do you do when you have a hot kitchen? Here's a few tips and tricks to ensure your heavy cream stays cold so you can make perfect whipped cream every time.

How to Skim Fat Off Liquids Quickly

Sometimes you just don’t have time to chill your sauces, broths, stocks and other liquids to easily skim the fat. Here's a time-saving hack to skim the fat quickly using something you're sure to have in your kitchen.

How to Peel Pearl Onions

Pearl onions are about the size of a grape and have a mild flavor. They can be cooked (they are often creamed) and served as a side dish, pickled, or used as a condiment or garnish. Because they’re so small, it can be a tedious job to remove their papery skin. Here's a quick and easy way to remove the skins from pearl onions.

An Easy Way to Sharpen Kitchen Shears

Your kitchen shears probably get a good amount of use—but they are the last kitchen tool you might think to sharpen! Here's an easy way to sharpen your kitchen shears.

How to Tent Yeast Rolls When Proofing

Sometimes enriched yeast doughs can be sticky, making them tough to cover to rise/proof. Here's a simple trick to create a tent for your rolls and breads to prevent sticking.

DIY Flour Shaker for Baking

Having a flour shaker handy when preparing doughs and baked goods is helpful to successful baking—it rations the flour you're using, allowing for a light dusting, and helps keep your hands out of your flour container.

How to Test the Accuracy of Your Thermometer

An accurate thermometer is crucial to your cooking and baking success! Thermometers come in handy for all types of recipes, from frying and testing meat for doneness to baking bread and making candy. Here's an easy way to test your thermometer for accuracy—no special equipment required!

How to Make Frosting Shiny

Frosting can sometimes lose its luster after it's been applied to a cake and allowed to set. Here's how to revive it, bring it back to life and make it shiny again.

How to Dry Tomatoes in the Oven

Preserve your summer tomatoes with this technique to dry in the oven—you can even preserve them in olive oil and herbs for more flavor.

Mess-Free Pouring for Bundt Pans

Cleaning a Bundt pan can be a pain! Use this quick tip for pouring batters to avoid the center tube to keep it mess-free from the start.

An Easy Way to Stabilize a Layer Cake for Decorating

Assembling and decorating a layer cake can be challenging, especially if your cake is slipping and slidding around when you frost it! Here's a super-simple tip to keep your cake stabilized—plus it helps make cutting the cake easier.

How to Clarify Butter

Clarified butter is an indispensable cooking ingredient—it's pure butterfat, void of milk solids. This makes the smoke point higher and prolongs the shelf life. Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial on how to make clarified butter.

How to Neatly Cut Through Meringue

Meringue can be a challenge—it sticks to your knife and tears, usually messing up your beautiful pie or cake. While it's still tasty, try this quick trick to cut through meringue cleanly every time, leaving perfect slices of pie or cake to serve.

Use Toothpaste to Polish Silver

Company was on its way, and you need to polish some silver STAT! Pull that toothpaste out of the bathroom and put it to use in another way with this simple tip.

How to Freeze Bananas—For Smoothies & Baking

Don't toss those overripe bananas! Throw them in the freezer instead so you always have ripe bananas on hand for baking or smoothies. Use this simple tip for a less-mess, faster way to freeze and thaw bananas.

DIY Pie Crust Shield

Do your pie crust edges brown too fast? You can certainly buy a pie crust shield, but they can be hard to arrange on top of the pie and sometimes don't fit. You can make a DIY version that's sure to fit any pie! See this simple tip to make a DIY pie crust shield.

The Many Uses for a Grapefruit Spoon

Looking for new ways to use this previous unitasker? The sharply serrated edges come in handy for quite a few kitchen tasks. Check out our tips for other ways to use a grapefruit spoon.

Pre-Scoop Ice Cream to Serve a Crowd

When serving ice cream for a big group, don't scoop at the last minute as your guests anxiously await their turn for a frozen treat! Pre-scoop your ice cream and store in the freezer until you're ready to serve with this quick kitchen tip.

How to Shape Perfect Meatballs

Meatballs take time to shape by hand and are rarely consistent in size. Use a small ice cream scoop to make perfectly round meatballs of the same size.

How to Crush Peppercorns by Hand

Many recipes use crushed peppercorns as pepper is an indispensable flavoring in cooking. If you're a frequent cook and need crushed peppercorns en masse, or don't have a pepper grinder or mortar and pestle, this tip is for you!

How to Fix Seized Chocolate

Have you ever overheated your chocolate, causing it turn into a grainy lump? This is called seizing and there's a way to save it! Use this quick tip to make your seized chocolate smooth again.

How to Make the Perfect BLT

Do your BLTs lack a little something or constantly fall apart as you're eating them? Try this simple hack to make the perfect sandwich.

How to Skin Nuts

Skinning nuts like pistachios, hazelnuts, or almonds at home may seem like a daunting task, but it's simple and easy with this tip.

An Easy Way to Peel Garlic

Looking for an easy way to peel garlic? Use this quick kitchen tip to help you peel garlic without having to smash it with a knife.

Use Photo Albums to Preserve Recipes

Whether you have a recipe collection that is clipped out of magazines or newspapers, or handwritten on scraps of paper, create a family heirloom cookbook by keep all of your recipes at your fingertips by binding them in a photo album.

An Easy Trick to Keep Track of Ingredients While Baking

Have you ever had an "uh-oh" moment when measuring ingredients for baking when you can't remember if you added the baking powder? Did you add the cinnamon and nutmeg? Here's an easy trick to keep track of all of your ingredients to ensure your baked goods come out perfectly every time.

A Mess-Free Way to Pound Meat

Here's a mess-free way to pound chicken breasts or other meats for cutlets or scallopine-no flimsy wax paper or plastic wrap necessary!

How to Proof Yeast Dough With Hot Water & the Oven

If you have a hard time finding a suitable environment to allow your yeast dough to rise in, especially during cold winters, this tip gives the dough everything it needs to make it proof quickly and easily. It just takes a couple mixing bowls, hot water and your oven!

How to Roast Peppers—Seed-Free!

Removing seeds after roasting peppers can be difficult—and messy! Use this simple kitchen hack to roast peppers after you've seeded and quartered them for easier clean-up and less mess.

DIY Flavored Ice Cubes for Fruit Tea

Fruit teas are a great non-alcoholic option to serve at parties, but how do you decide which flavor to serve? Make a DIY flavored ice cube bar so your guests can pick their flavor.

How to Peel a Kiwi

So much work goes into peeling a kiwi with a paring knife or peeler—and often it leaves the flesh of your kiwi torn or misshapen. Here's a simple tip for how to peel kiwi with a spoon.

How to Remove Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds are a wonderful addition to salads, sauces and garnishes, adding a punchy, bright flavor. But they can be difficult to remove the seeds from the pomegranate. Here's a clean and efficient way to seed a pomegranate in water

How to Julienne Peppers

Peppers are a healthy and colorful addition to salads, stir-frys and many other dishes, but their unique curved shape makes them more difficult to cut. Use this safe method to julienne peppers of all shapes and sizes.

How to Juice Fresh Citrus

Juicing citrus fruit is pretty simple-and you don't even need to have a juicer! Here is the best way to juice any citrus to release the maximum amount of liquid.

How to Measure Honey and Sticky Ingredients

Sticky ingredients, like honey, peanut butter, tahini and molasses, can be tricky to measure-and often leave a mess behind in the measuring cup. Here's a simple trick for mess-free measuring.

How to Use a Tea Infuser to Make an Herb Sachet

Soups, stocks and sauces can really benefit from fresh herbs, but you may not always have cheesecloth on hand. Here's a quick tip to use a tea infuser (also called tea ball) to make an herb sachet.

How to Peel and Mince Ginger

We all know that ginger is fibrous, and can be tricky to peel and mince. Here's a tip to easily peel and mince ginger while leaving the fiber behind.

How to Juice Key Limes

Use this helpful tip for how to juice key limes next time you plan to make a pie! Key limes are smaller in size and firmer than regular limes, making them harder to juice, but not any longer with this helpful kitchen tip.

How To Store Salmon For Maximum Freshness

If you love fresh, never-frozen salmon but can't use it the same day you buy it, this tip will show you how to keep your fillets straight-from-the-market fresh for up to two days.

How To Keep Avocados from Turning Brown

Avocados are a favorite ingredient in many dishes, but once cut they turn brown quickly. Use this simple DIY tip to keep avocados and other fruits and veggies from turning brown.

How to Keep Bean Sprouts Fresh

Bean sprouts add wonderful texture to dishes like chop suey, but they're susceptible to spoilage. Learn how to keep them fresh with these simple tips.

How to Peel a Hard-Cooked Egg

It's safe to say that removing the shell from hard-cooked eggs can be one of the most frustrating things to do in the kitchen. With this easy tip, you'll no longer consider throwing in the towel.

An Easy Way to Preserve Feta

Salt is an effective preservative for many foods, and that's no secret. Here's a DIY way to make your feta taste fresher, longer!

How to Freeze Fresh Ginger

If you love ginger but always end up throwing it out before using it all up, look to this tip for a way to save it.

How to Clean Clams

Clams are quick to prepare and cook but they can be really off-putting if you bite down on gritty sand. Follow the quick tip below for sand-free seafood.

How to Seed Jalapeños

Ditch the gloves and pull out your vegetable peeler. There's more than one way to seed a jalapeño.

Simple Way to Flavor Rice

This Test Kitchen-approved tip is a simple way to add flavor to rice. Just a quick addition to the pot and you'll up the ante of plain cooked rice.

How to Freeze Cookie Dough

With this simple tip of freezing cookie dough, freshly baked cookies are are just minutes away at all times!

How to Prepare Rhubarb

Do you have a bundle (or a bushel) of rhubarb? Make sure you're preparing it correctly with these easy tips!

How to Test Baking Powder

Not sure if your baking powder is still good to use? Check out this simple how-to trick to determine if it is still good to use.

Easy Vegetable Stock Starter

Rather than throwing out the liquid left after steaming vegetables, put it to good use in this flavorful and healthy trick!

How to Keep Pancakes Warm

Keep your pancakes hot while you cook multiple batches with this unique tip that doesn't require the oven!

Healthy Popsicles

With this simple tip, have healthy treats on hand at all times for when your sweet tooth hits!

How to Freeze Mushrooms

Can't seem to use up fresh mushrooms before they go bad? Stop wasting and start saving with this tip for freezing!

How to Truss a Turkey

With this trusty tip in mind trussing the turkey legs together this year will be easy as can be!

How To Seed Squash

Seeding squash can be a messy task. Not anymore with this quick tip that uses a unique kitchen tool.

How to Keep Waffles Warm

Find yourself eating breakfast alone once everyone else has eaten? Use this simple trick so everyone can eat together!

How to Freeze Zucchini

Zucchini seem endless in the summer, but come winter they're pretty sparse. Follow this tip for zucchini all year long.

How to Freeze Fresh Basil

Save your fresh summer basil with a simple and easy-to-do trick that will have you enjoying basil year-round!

How to Quickly Soften Cream Cheese

Find yourself in a pinch when your realize a recipe calls for softened cream cheese? If you need to soften cream cheese to room temperature in a hurry, use this simple tip!

How to Carve a Chicken

These four easy steps demystify carving a cooked chicken into separate pieces and makes serving easier.

How to Clean Leeks

Leeks can be challenging to clean, especially if you want to keep the leek in tact. Use this tip to do both!

How to Easily Clean a Cheese Grater

Learn this simple trick to quickly, easily, and safely clean a cheesy box grater, without cutting your hand or chewing up your sponge in the process.

Freezing Blue Cheese

Can you freeze blue cheese? Don't let expensive blue cheese go to waste, and always have some on hand with this simple tip for long-term storage.

How to Clean Shrimp

Get the low-down on shrimp and become a pro on peeling, deveining, and prepping shrimp for any recipe or occasion.

How to Shuck Oysters

Are you planning to prepare oysters for the holidays? Do so safely and efficiently with these instructions.

How to Quickly Peel a Mango

This quick, simple-to-do, tip demystifies and makes easy work of preparing fresh mango for any kind of recipe.

How to Roast Poblanos

If you're looking to get that smoky flavor of roasted peppers, check out this quick-and-easy tip on how to roast poblanos.

How to Stale Bread

Need stale bread in a pinch? Use this quick tip and get your dressing prepared in no time.

A Mess-Free Way to Cook Bacon

Don't fret over bacon grease anymore. With this quick tip for oven-roasted bacon, you'll have perfectly cooked bacon and minimal clean up.

How to Core & Seed Bell Peppers

It can be tricky to clean out bell peppers without feeling wasteful. Here's how to do it easily, and avoid losing much pepper flesh.

How to Test Oil Temperature

Simplify frying, especially when you're without a deep-fat thermometer, with this trick for checking the oil temperature.

How to Prep Kale

Preparing greens just got a whole lot easier with this simple trick. Now there's no excuse for not eating your veggies!

How to Store Fresh Peaches

Make the most of peaches while they are at their peak in the season with these tips on how to ripen and store them.

How to Remove Silk From Corn

With sweet corn season in full bloom, save time shucking with this simple to-do tip that uses something from your desk.

No-Drip Ice Cream Cones

Love ice cream but hate when it drips out of your cone? This fun trick with stop the dripping and adds a sweet surprise!

Room for More Ribs

If you're going to grill ribs, you might as well grill for a crowd! If space is a little tighter on your grill than you'd like, here's a creative way to make room for even more meat. Ensure you have enough room on the grill with this quick tip.

How to Trim Asparagus

Stop snapping and start tapping. Fresh asparagus is a treat this time of year so get the most out of each stalk with this easy tip.

Steamed Corn On the Grill

Utilize the grill while it's hot and cook up a tender ear of corn without charring the sweet yellow kernels.

How to Store Fresh Pineapple

Can't seem to eat pineapple fast enough? Waste no more and keep your pineapple fresh with this simple tip for storing fresh pineapple.

How to Quickly Bring Eggs & Butter to Room Temperature

So you forgot to take your eggs and butter out of the fridge in time for your baking adventure...we've all been there! Here's a quick and easy way to bring eggs and butter up to room temperature any time you need them.

How to Safely Use a Mandoline

Looking for an easy way to slice vegetables and get professional looking results? See how to cut slices of uniform thickness.

Using an Offset Spatula

Spread batter, filling, and frosting with ease using this practical kitchen tool that comes in many sizes.

How to Roast Garlic

Roasting garlic brings out its mellow sweet side and reduces its pungency. Roast garlic perfectly using this tip.

How to Supreme Citrus

Do you find supreming citrus to be a tricky endeavor? Follow this simple tip to have beautiful segments every time.

All About Coconut

Coconut appears in many forms in this slab pie. Here's the code to cracking what each product has to offer.

How to Render Bacon

Rendering is a simple technique used to melt fat from diced meat. The result? Crispy perfection.

Tip to Keep Guacamole Green

As soon as they're cut open, avocados start to brown. Here's how to delay the inevitable, at least for a little while.

All About Shrimp Count

The system of numbering shrimp isn't standardized, so how do you know what size to buy? Here's what we suggest.

How to Freeze Uncooked Bacon for Easy Use Later

Don’t always use an entire package of bacon at once? Freeze it so it lasts longer, using this tip to keep the strips separate. You can then defrost individual slices depending on how many you need.

How to Store Asparagus

Nobody likes soggy-tipped asparagus. Keep your spears fresher longer with this quick and simple tip.

How to Cut & Core Cabbage

Working with a head of fresh cabbage can be slightly intimidating, but fear no more — here’s what to do.

How To Properly Measure Flour

How you measure flour can have a dramatic effect on the amount that ends up in a recipe. Here's how to do it properly.

How to Pit & Slice Fresh Mango

To get the most fruit out of fresh mango, it helps to know what's going on under the skin. Here's how best to slice and dice it.

All About Tofu

Not all tofu is created equal, and it's more versatile than you think. Here are the types you'll find and how to use them.

How to Preserve Fresh Ginger

Fresh ginger freezes well, but so it keeps its impact and to give it the tiniest punch of Asian-inspired flavor, try this storage tip.

How to Freeze Fresh Herbs

Ensure flavorful fresh herbs all year long, and don't let any go to waste, with this tip for storing them for quick use.

How to Cut Fresh Pineapple

Quickly cut pineapple into bite-sized pieces with these simple steps — no fancy coring equipment needed.

DIY Hard-Shell Tacos

Looking for other fresh ways to enjoy Mexican food at home? Try this tip for making your own taco shells.

How to Segment Citrus

Learn a quick trick of the trade when it comes to cutting perfect sections of citrus fruits for your recipes.

How to Juice Limes

Tired of squeezing citrus only to get a little juice? It's easy to get the most out of your limes with this fast tip.

Hot & Cold Food Safety

Keeping your food properly chilled at a get-together is important for the safety of yourself and your guests.

No-Mess Oven Bacon

Learn to quickly cook bacon without the hassle of pan-frying. The oven gets the job done with a fraction of the mess.

Ice Cream Ingredient Primer

In a recipe as simple as ice cream, each ingredient counts. Learn exactly how each one helps achieve your best batch.

How to Toast Coconut

No matter how you go about it, toasting coconut immediately pumps up the flavor of whatever dish you add it to.

How to Clean a Coffee Grinder

Here's a quick way to clean your coffee grinder and eliminate odors, so you can use it for something else, like spices or nuts.

How to Pit & Dice a Mango

The anatomy of a mango makes it a little tricky to dice, but this quick method makes the process simple.

Choosing the Right Ham

There are many different varieties of ham. What distinguishes them, and which should you roast for Easter dinner?

How to Prepare Asparagus

These basic steps ensure your asparagus is prepped and ready for whatever way you prefer to serve it.

All About Ginger

Ginger is a favorite flavor all over the world, and for good reason. Here's what you need to know about selecting and using it.

Muffin Pan Mini Cheesecakes

One big cheesecake looks impressive, but these other baking options make elegant miniature cheesecakes meant for one.

Types of Crabmeat

Canned crabmeat comes in multiple varieties. Here's a quick rundown on their qualities, including how they differ.

How to Make Candy Cane Sugar

Do your favorite party foods tend to be sweet instead of savory? Here's a way to give your sweets a little holiday flair.

All About Hominy

You may have heard of hominy, but do you know how it's made? Here's a quick rundown on the puffy corn kernel.

How to Crimp Pie Dough

No matter how simple a pie recipe is, make the finished product look elegant with one quick decorating tip.

How to Fold In Egg Whites

The secret to soufflés is all in the egg whites. Keep them as light and air-filled as possible with this folding technique.

How to Peel Peaches

If you don't already know the best way to peel fresh peaches, this tip will change your outlook on cooking with the juicy fruit.

How To Make Brown Butter

An easy skill to master, making brown butter is a simple way to give rich flavor to lighter foods like chicken, pasta, or vegetables.

Use A Whisk To Brew Tea

Nothing beats the summer heat like fresh-brewed iced tea. Here's a simple way to make brewing easy!

All About Oregano

Though they share a name, Mexican and Mediterranean oregano are not necessarily created equal. Learn the difference here.

How to Easily Peel Shallots

Stop struggling with stubborn skins and use this no-fuss method for peeling shallots and onions quickly and easily.

How to Choose the Freshest Fish

Even if the nearest ocean is miles away, it's still possible to find quality fresh fish. Just keep these basic tips in mind when selecting fresh fish.

All About Yeast

Some yeast needs to be proofed before using, while other types allow you to skip the step. So what's the difference?

How to Safely Dice an Avocado

The soft, buttery texture of ripe avocado can make it difficult to work with. So dice it up while it's still in the skin, instead!

Frying Basics

From the equipment, to the oil, to the narrow temperature window, many things go into that perfectly crisp home-fried coating.

How to Husk Tomatillos

Tomatillos are versatile and easy to cook with. A papery husk is all that stands between you and this sweet-tart fruit.

How to Make Herb Butter

Love using fresh herbs, but worried the leftovers will go to waste? Here's a simple way to give them a satisfying second use!

How to Debeard Mussels

Mussels cook quick and taste great with little prep, but cleaning and debearding them is crucial for the cooking process.

How to Chop Warm Toasted Nuts

Toasted nuts add great flavor to cookies and other baked goods. Know when best to chop them, so they don't get unwieldy.

How to Reheat Tortillas

Tortillas are easier to roll or fold when they are warm. Store-bought tortillas lose moisture over time, but with this tip, it's easy to reheat tortillas without drying them out further.

How to Choose a Melon

Cantaloupe is the most popular type of melon, but how do you find one that tastes best? Here are some easy pointers!

How to Choose the Ripest Peaches

It's the height of summer, and peaches are plentiful at farmer's markets — but how do you choose the best fruit? Here are a few pointers!

What is Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce is a well-known Thai food staple, and it makes a great, salty addition to any Southeast Asian recipe.

How to Devein Shrimp

Deveining shrimp, while partially a misnomer, is an important step in preparing perfect seafood. And it can be done in seconds!

How To Fill A Pastry Bag

Filling a pastry bag can sometimes be awkward when trying to cuff the bag over your hand. Here's an easy, mess-free tip to fill a piping/pastry bag. Save time on frosting prep and simplify your cupcake decorating process with this helpful tip for filling pastry bags.

All About Arugula

Arugula is a versatile green with strong flavor and, when kept fresh, can be the highlight of any sandwich, salad, or pizza.

Quick Taco Meat

Love tacos and nachos from fast-food restaurants? Give the ground beef you use at home the same smooth texture.

How to Peel Ginger

Waste not! Put down that vegetable peeler and take out the silverware to get rid of pesky ginger skin without losing any ginger.

All About Tomatillos

Chances are tomatillos aren't your go-to ingredient or you don't use them often. Learn all about the berries with our tip.

How to Revive Hard Cheese

Cheese can harden and become difficult to grate long before it actually goes bad. Here's a great idea!

How to Seed Tomatoes

Love tomatoes but hate seeding them? Here’s a tip for doing it quickly and efficiently.

The Best Way to Marinate Meat

Some recipes call for meat to be marinated for a few hours in a dish—“turning occasionally” to penetrate all sides, but there's a better, less-mess way! Use this simple tip for better meat marination.

How to Make Vanilla Sugar

Have leftover used vanilla bean pods? Don't toss them! Here's how to make homemade vanilla sugar from your spent vanilla pod.