Varieties of Radish, Explained

Is horseradish a type of radish? TELL ME MORE: Radishes

Varieties of Radish, Explained

Radishes come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties. All hail from the mustard family, hence their peppery bite, which ranges in intensity according to type, age, and growing season.

There are two categories of radishes — spring and winter — and most are available year-round. Red globe are the most common in the U.S. They’re usually sliced thin and eaten raw in salads. The similar Easter egg radishes can be white, pink, red, or purple, and often sold as a mixed bunch. Daikon (Chinese white radishes) are carrot-shaped and the most common large variety. They’re often pickled, cooked, or grated raw. Watermelon radishes (beauty heart) have a stunning bright red to magenta center. Unlike many other radishes, their intensity decreases with maturity. French breakfast are mild and have an elongated shape.

Fresh horseradish is a type of radish, too. It’s known for its pungency.

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