Company-Ready Freezer Muffins

Nothing is more welcoming to houseguests than having a batch of freshly baked muffins at the ready. Use this simple tip and you'll always be ready for company!

How to Soften Tortillas in Bulk

Tortillas are often fried or steamed one at a time in a skillet before filling and rolling. This can be time-consuming when you have a lot of tortillas to work with. Here's a simple tip to soften a lot of tortillas at once.

How to Revive Whole Black Peppercorns

Whole black peppercorns in bulk are an excellent value. But the problem is, they lose some of their spiciness after a few months. Here's how to revive your whole peppercorns.

How to Make Grease-Less Meatloaf

Meatloaf is notorious for being greasy when cooked in a loaf pan; it basically just sits in its own fat and cooks! Here's a simple trick to reduce the grease in your homemade meatloaf.

Why You Should Whisk Iced Tea

If you drink a lot of iced tea, this is a great tip to infuse more flavor — and make your tea infuse more quickly — all for that perfect cup of tea!

Pre-Made Muffin Mixes

No need to panic when unexpected guests call to stop by! This simple make-ahead muffin mix can save those moments — or lazy mornings when you can't be bothered to measure!

DIY Roasting Pan

No roaster? No problem! You can easily simulate the effects of a roaster with a common baking tool you likely already have in your kitchen.

Better Butter Storage

Having room-temperature butter at the ready is important for those early mornings when toast and butter is on the menu, or when serving with dinner rolls. Here's a way to perfectly portion your butter for room temp storage.

An Easy Way to Fill Stuffed Pastas

Stuffed pastas can be a pain to make — trying to get a soft, cheesy filling into a manicotti or cannelloni tube can be messy and frustrating! Here's a simple, less-mess way to fill pastas.

Mess-Free Meatloaf Prep

If you don't like mixing and mashing your meatloaf ingredients together with your hands, here's a mess-free way to prep the recipe. This is great for getting kids involved in the kitchen too.

Easy Artichoke Holders for Steaming

Artichokes tend to fall over in the pot when steaming, but there's an easy way to keep them upright in the pot...and with a pantry staple, too!

Splash-Free Cherry Pitting

When pitting cherries with a handheld pitter, the juice usually splatters everywhere— especially on your apron and clothes, potentially staining them. Here's a less-mess way to pit cherries.