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Kitchen Tips

Every cook wants to learn fast new ways of performing everyday kitchen tasks. From seeding a tomato to shaping a perfect meatball to cutting a meringue pie, we explain how to do almost everything better and quicker — loaded with solutions to your cooking dilemmas, search through our library of clever culinary tips to help you in the kitchen with our tips, tricks, and timesavers.

DIY Olive Oil Bottle

Protect your pricey olive oil from rancidity (and save some money) by recycling old wine bottles and making a DIY olive oil bottle.

How to Safely Cut Hard Squash

If you're a squash lover who can't wait to cut into and bake your first squash of the fall season, this tip is for you! Here's a way to safely cut into those rock-hard squash.

How to Revive Wilted Basil

Here's a simple tip to help revive wilted basil—and a few other basic basil care tips, including how to store fresh basil.

How to Revive Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans dry out as they age or if they are improperly stored. Here's how to tell if your vanilla bean is fresh-and a tip on how to revive it if it's dried out.

How to Easily Clean a Pizza Stone

Pizza stones can be difficult to clean, partly because they're heavy and cumbersome and partly because they shouldn't be submerged in water or scrubbed with soap. Here's a simple way to clean a pizza stone—without removing it from the oven!

An Easy Way to Date Food for the Freezer

Ensuring food that makes it's way to the freezer is labeled with the name and date is crucial to keeping your food fresher and safer to eat. Never wonder what's wrapped in in your freezer again with this helpful tip.

How to Clean a Blender or Food Processor

Blenders and food processors can be difficult (and dangerous!) to clean by hand because of the sharp blender and the narrow shape of the blender. Here's an easy—and safe—way to clean these electric appliances.

How to Stabilize Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are easy appetizers, but stuffing and serving them can be a problem—their round shape causes them to wobble around. Here's an easy tip to keep your deviled eggs upright and stabilized for serving.

Preserve Herbs by Making Flavored Vinegars

Are your fresh herbs nearly past their prime? Use them to make flavored vinegars that will provide even more flavor to vinaigrettes and sauces. Here's how to make herb-flavored vinegar.

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