Tips and Answers

Dijon vs Country Dijon Mustard

What is country Dijon mustard? How is country Dijon different from regular Dijon?

Free Disposable Spoon Rests

The struggle is real: where to set down that messy spoon?! When one spoon rest isn't enough — or when it just wouldn't be worth washing another dish — this tip comes to the rescue.

Asian Food Prep Hack

If you love stir-fries and other meals that feature plenty of ginger and garlic, this food prep tip will make cooking them up even quicker.

A Neat Way to Measure Out Meatballs

Here's a quick, easy, and tidy way to make uniform meatballs without the use of a scoop.

Reuse Plastic Cereal Bags for Pounding Cutlets

Resealable plastic bags work well for pounding cutlets, but this method is better, cheaper, and more planet-friendly.

How to Scoop Out Twice-Baked Potatoes

Using a spoon to scoop out the flesh for a twice-baked potato can be awkward. Here's a better tool for the job.

Know Your Oats: Groats, Steel-Cut, Old-Fashioned, Quick-Cooking, and Instant

With so many different names, oats can sound confusing, but the differences are actually pretty simple.

What is Lotus Root?

What is lotus root? Learn how to identify, buy, and cook with this popular East Asian ingredient.

Seitan vs Tempeh

How are seitan and tempeh different? Can they be used as substitutes?

How to Thicken Fruit Pie Filling

What’s the best way to thicken fruit pie filling? Learn about ingredients that can help your fruit pie slices hold together beautifully.

Peppercorns: Black vs White, Green, and Pink

What’s the difference among the various colors of peppercorns? Do they taste any different?

Styles of Sherry

What are the differences among the different styles of sherry? What's the difference between drinking sherry and cooking sherry?