What is 'Nduja?

What is 'ndjua paste made of? What does 'nduja taste like?

What is 'Nduja?

What is 'Nduja? ‘Nduja is a spicy, soft sausage spread hailing from Calabria, Italy. Traditionally, it’s made with pork trimmings, herbs, spices, and Calabrian chile peppers. It’s the chiles that give ‘nduja its requisite fieriness and distinctive red color. Classic Italian-made ‘nduja is super spicy (and a little funky from the fermentation process), but American-made versions are more balanced in flavor and spice.

The name ‘nduja is thought to come from the French word andouille [an-DOO-ee], the spicy, smoked sausage popular in Cajun cuisine. Napoleon likely introduced andouille to Italy, and Calabrians then created their own variation. Italians usually spread ‘nduja on bread, but there are endless ways to use it, such as stuffing mushrooms, topping a pizza, etc.

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