Tawny vs Ruby Port

What is the difference between tawny and ruby port? What qualifies as an LVB port or a vintage port?

Tawny vs Ruby Port

The difference between tawnies and rubies is the time they’re aged prior to fortifying and bottling.

Ruby port is younger, sweeter, and fruitier. It’s typically aged only a few years and is why it retains more of the natural, deep ruby color.

Tawny port is aged longer, sometimes as long as 40 years, in wooden barrels. Its flavor is more complex. As it ages, more of the natural color fades to brownish (hence its name).

Late bottle vintage (LBV) and vintage port are full-bodied reds from a single vintage. LBV is aged in wood 4–6 years before bottling, then it’s ready to drink.

Vintage port is the very best. It’s aged in wood for 2 years before bottling, then left to mature many more years.

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