How to Thicken Fruit Pie Filling

What’s the best way to thicken fruit pie filling? Learn about ingredients that can help your fruit pie slices hold together beautifully.

How to Thicken Fruit Pie Filling

The most common and accessible way to thicken pie filling is by using a starch. Starches’ thickening power comes from their ability to absorb water, which causes the granules to swell, thickening the liquid.

Flour is a common thickener, but because it’s opaque and clouds the look of the filling when set, it’s better used for cream pies than fruit pies.

Cornstarch gels clear and looks good in fruit pies, but freezing can ruin the “set,” and if heated too long or whisked too much, it thins out.

Finely ground tapioca is a good choice for thickening because it can withstand long cooking times and reheating. However, it can unevenly thicken the pie by clumping up, so mix it with the sugar or other dry elements before adding the fruit.

There’s no one thickener that works best for every pie, so in general, just follow your recipe.

Equipment/Special Ingredients Needed

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