The Best Way to Store Nuts and Seeds

What's the best way to store nuts and seeds? Should nuts and seeds be stored in the pantry or the freezer? How long can nuts be kept in the refrigerator?

How to store nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are excellent ingredients to keep on hand. They’re rich in protein and heart-healthy fats, and they’re great for snacking, tossing into salads, breading, and baking. However, given their high (good) fat content, nuts and seeds shouldn’t be stored in the pantry as these fats can turn rancid when exposed to light, oxygen, and heat.

To minimize spoilage, store nuts and seeds in airtight containers and refrigerate or freeze them — it slows down the deterioration of the oils so the nuts and seeds will last longer — about 6 months in the fridge and a year (or more) in the freezer. Plus, since nuts and seeds are high in fat (oil) they’re less susceptible to freezer burn.

Whole, raw nuts and seeds will stay fresh the longest. That’s because when chopped, toasted, or ground they release their oils, which makes them go rancid more quickly.

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