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Kitchen Tips

Every cook wants to learn fast new ways of performing everyday kitchen tasks. From seeding a tomato to shaping a perfect meatball to cutting a meringue pie, we explain how to do almost everything better and quicker — loaded with solutions to your cooking dilemmas, search through our library of clever culinary tips to help you in the kitchen with our tips, tricks, and timesavers.

DIY Splatter Guard

Tired of splatters from a hand mixer? Use this quick tip to make your own DIY shield to protect you (and your clothes) from splatters and splashes—and keep your kitchen cleaner!

How to Make Balsamic Syrup

Balsamic syrup tastes sweet and looks great as a garnish to drizzle on and flavor salads, appetizers and main dishes—you can even use it as a syrup for desserts! Here's a quick way to make balsamic syrup from inexpensive grocery-store balsamic vinegar.

How to Chop Onions

Most chefs cut onions in a very specific fashion—its similar to the technique here with one difference. They make a horizontal cut into the onion halves. It puts your fingers at risk and no one’s ever given a good reason for making that extra cut—except that it’s how they were taught in culinary school. Here's an equally effective way to chop onions.

Freeze Fresh Spinach for Quick Chopping

Freeze fresh spinach instead of buying frozen cooked spinach. The fresh flavor remains, and it's easy to prep when you need it—plus clean up is non-existent!

Tips to Keep Cream Cold When Whipping

It's a well-known fact that cold cream whips better—but what do you do when you have a hot kitchen? Here's a few tips and tricks to ensure your heavy cream stays cold so you can make perfect whipped cream every time.

How to Skim Fat Off Liquids Quickly

Sometimes you just don’t have time to chill your sauces, broths, stocks and other liquids to easily skim the fat. Here's a time-saving hack to skim the fat quickly using something you're sure to have in your kitchen.

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