Vanilla Paste vs Extract, Powder & Beans

What's the difference between vanilla paste and vanilla extract? What about vanilla powder and vanilla beans? We give the run-down on how each of these products is made and used.

Vanilla Paste vs Extract, Powder & Beans

VANILLA EXTRACT is the most economical form of vanilla and the easiest to come by. Pure extract is worth the slightly higher price than imitation and can stand in for most other types of vanilla.

VANILLA BEANS are the most basic (and expensive) form of vanilla. To use, split beans lengthwise and scrape the seeds with the tip of a paring knife.

VANILLA PASTE is made by mixing beans, sugar, water, vanilla extract, and a thickener into a syrupy product with visible seeds. Sub it equally for extract and beans.

VANILLA POWDER is simply ground vanilla beans. Substitute it measure-for- measure for extract or beans. Be sure you’re buying the real stuff and not those mixed with powdered sugar, though.

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