Is Brie Rind Edible?

Is the white rind on Brie edible, or does it need to be removed before eating?

Is Brie Rind Edible?

Yes, the soft “crust” of brie, called a bloomy rind, is edible.

It grows when the beneficial molds and bacteria used in making cheese are sprayed onto the surface of the cheese before aging. The mold then produces enzymes which help the cheese ripen from the outside in (opposite of how hard cheeses ripen). This means the interior of the cheese softens while the molds form Brie’s signature white rind. The ripening process takes 3 to 10 weeks for the cheese to reach maturity.

Historically, the rind has been considered the most flavorful part of Brie, but Brie made in the U.S. is made with pasteurized milk, so the rinds are usually bland. The rinds from imported or artisan Bries typically have more flavor.

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