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Kitchen Tips

Every cook wants to learn fast new ways of performing everyday kitchen tasks. From seeding a tomato to shaping a perfect meatball to cutting a meringue pie, we explain how to do almost everything better and quicker — loaded with solutions to your cooking dilemmas, search through our library of clever culinary tips to help you in the kitchen with our tips, tricks, and timesavers.

Freezing Blue Cheese

Don't let expensive blue cheese go to waste, and always have some on hand with this simple tip for long-term storage.

Cleaning Greens

This quick tip makes eating your greens easier and cleaner. Now there's really no reason to skip the greens!

How to Clean Shrimp

Get the low-down on shrimp and become a pro on peeling, deveining, and prepping shrimp for any recipe or occasion.

Mincing Fresh Herbs

Make easier work of mincing fresh herbs — and avoid bruising — with this tip that utilizes kitchen essentials.

Shucking Oysters

Are you planning to prepare oysters for the holidays? Do so safely and efficiently with these instructions.

How to Store Cookies & Bars

Keep your treats tasting delicious and looking great this holiday season with these tips on how to properly store them.

Slow Cooker Storage

If you’re short on space to store your unwieldy slow cooker, use this quick and easy tip to help keep your kitchen area safe.

Peeling Mango

This quick, simple-to-do, tip demystifies and makes easy work of preparing fresh mango for any kind of recipe.

How to Stale Bread

Need stale bread in a pinch? Use this quick tip and get your dressing prepared in no time.

Cooking Bacon

Don't fret over bacon grease anymore. With this quick tip you'll have perfectly cooked bacon and minimal clean up.

"Chopping" Leafy Greens

Make easier work of chopping unruly leafy greens with this simple tip that only requires a resealable plastic bag.

Halloween Candy Cookies

Make the most of left over Halloween candy with this tip that revamps an old tried and true recipe.