How to Eat Garden to Table

Eat fresh from your own backyard! The words “garden fresh” appear on food labels and menus for a reason: There’s nothing more appealing than the idea that the produce you eat (and feed your family) was just picked from your garden. Here's how to put your (or someone else's) garden to good use in the kitchen.

All About Artichokes

Artichokes are strikingly flower-like with an olive green and sometimes purple color which makes them stand out among other vegetables in the produce section. They may look intimidating, but they’re very easy to cook. Here's how to prep and cook artichokes.

All About Arugula

While arugula may get passed off as just some fancy lettuce, beneath its mundane exterior lies a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants just waiting to do a body good. Here is everything you need to know about arugula, from what it is and how to prep and store it to the health benefits of this leafy green.

All About Asparagus: Growing, Buying, Storing, and Cooking With Spring's First Veggie

Although it's now available year-round, asparagus is one of the first fresh vegetables you’ll see in the spring. Here's everything you need to know about asparagus, from how to grow and buy it, to storing and prepping tips, and some of our favorite asparagus recipes.

Vegetable Love: The Indispensable Vegetable Cookbooks in Our Kitchens + Cuisine at Home's Cook the Book Cookbook Club

Want to eat more vegetables or make them in new and exciting ways? Check out our list of the best vegetable-focused cookbooks full of thousands of delicious and creative vegetable recipes. Then join our new cookbook club to find new inspiration, learn and grow as a cook or baker with our community.


How to Freeze Mushrooms

Believe it or not, raw mushrooms can be frozen! If you can't seem to use up fresh mushrooms before they go bad, stop wasting and start saving with this tip for freezing.

How to Revive and Reuse Leftover Vegetables

Don't let that leftover vegetable tray go to waste. Make the most of the veggies with these creative ideas!

An Easy Trick for Making Homemade Broth

Homemade broth ups the flavor ante in any recipe that calls for broth, making it is easy with this tip!

How To Seed Squash

Seeding squash can be a messy task. Not anymore with this quick tip that uses a unique kitchen tool.

How to Easily Peel Garlic Without Smashing

Stop the constant battle of separating and peeling garlic cloves with this simple test kitchen-approved tip!

How to Revive Limp Celery

Limp celery isn't hopeless, save your stalks and crisp them up with this simple and easy-to-do tip.

How to Safely Slice Chiles

Avoid getting potent spice from chiles on your fingers while chopping with this simple kitchen hack.

How to Make Herb-Minced Garlic

Mincing garlic is a common kitchen job, but make it easier, and less messy with this tasty tip.

An Easy Hack for Thawing Meat

Find yourself in a pinch with frozen meat and dinner closing in? Use this tip to speed up thawing time!

How to Freeze Zucchini

Zucchini seem endless in the summer, but come winter they're pretty sparse. Follow this tip for zucchini all year long.

The Best Way to Store Fresh Spinach

Don't let fresh spinach go to waste anymore with these tips on how to best store your leafy greens.

A Simple Hack to Remove and Drain Capers

Brined capers are a pain to remove and measure—the jar opening is just too narrow for a spoon to fit inside. Get capers out of the jar without dumping out all of their brining liquid with this simple trick!


Canning with Confidence: How to Can with a Water Bath

Vegetable season is ending, so take advantage of your garden-fresh beauties or farmers' market finds through the process of canning. Canning seems to get a bad rap. And to some people it’s intimidating. But not anymore! We’re going to walk you through the simple process of water bath canning, and debunk the seemingly daunting steps that come with this craft.

How to Make Homemade Stock

Stocks are the foundation of classic cooking — they won't dazzle you with their good looks, but surely will with what they bring to your cooking endeavors. Simply follow our fundamental guidelines, including our six principles for making from-scratch stock, and you'll soon be creating amazing soups, stews, and more.

How to Flavor & Tenderize Meat and Vegetables with Marinades

Look around your kitchen, and you’ll see everything needed to add extra layers of flavor or to tenderize your favorite meal — vinegars, juices, milk, vegetables, spices, even wine. In this step-by-step tutorial we explain all that you should know about marinades and how they work . . . while you relax.

How to Preserve and Save Summer Tomatoes

Don’t let summer’s bounty shrivel on the vine. Learn how to preserve the season in this quick tutorial on slow-roasting or freezing summer’s sweetest tomatoes. It’s a surefire way to keep their fresh flavor alive all winter long.

Learn All About Indirect Grilling

What is indirect grilling? It's bascially a technique that turns your grill into an outdoor oven so you can cook big items, like whole chickens, pork loins, pizzas, etc. So the next time you fire up the grill, follow these four simple steps, and take the indirect route to perfectly cooked meats, vegetables, and more.

How to Make Quick Pickles

For an easy, detailed guide on how to make from-scratch quick dill pickles, look no further.


Roasted Asparagus

Roasting asparagus intensifies its flavor, making it a simple yet delectable savory topper for the French toast.

Beet Carpaccio Salad

Beets are a concentrated source of many nutrients, including bone-building phosphorus and energy-producing iron, as well as fiber, folate, potassium, and magnesium. Beets may also help lower bad cholesterol.

Vegetable Slaw

Although this slaw certainly tastes good on its own, it's intended to be served right on top of dishes, like shawarma.

Zucchini Linguine

No, that’s not pasta on the plate! It’s actually “linguine” made from julienned zucchini. This simple-to-make side dish of zucchini noodles sautéed in a little olive oil for just a few minutes, is a great low-carb alternative to pasta.

Grilled Potatoes & Asparagus

Grilled Potatoes & Asparagus are an easy and healthy side dish for any grilled meal. There will be leftover béarnaise sauce from the Open-Faced Steak Sandwiches, which is perfect to serve with these veggies.

Avocado Salad

This Avocado Salad is incredible simple, but the accompanying flavors really pack a punch for a fresh summer side dish.

Green Beans & Cremini Mushrooms

At the heart of every holiday dinner table are the side dishes. This recipe doesn't stray too far from the classics — you’ll see all the usual suspects are present, but their out-of-this-world flavor is sure to please everyone expressing their gratitude this season.

Pepper Salad

This salad not only looks pretty but it's also full of carotenoids, which boost immunity and help fight against cancer and heart disease.

Braised Brussels Sprouts

Braised Brussels Sprouts make the perfect savory-bitter side. This recipe includes bacon and apples for a sweet addition that will make this a side dish no one will forget.

Squash & Parsnip Hash

Adding a simple vegetable side dish not only rounds out a light chicken plate, but fills you up, making cutting calories easier.

Sautéed Asparagus

A simple side of asparagus lets the main course shine and provides a helping of vegetables to the meal.

Buttered Cabbage

This Buttered Cabbage isn't as basic as you'd expect it to be. This recipe provides flavor and depth to an otherwise bland vegetable.