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Freezing Zucchini

Zucchini seem endless in the summer, but come winter they're pretty sparse. Follow this tip for zucchini all year long.

Storing Fresh Spinach

Don't let fresh spinach go to waste anymore with these tips on how to best store your leafy greens.

Caper Extraction

Get capers out of the jar without dumping out all of their brining liquid with this simple trick!

Storing Asparagus

Make the most of spring asparagus and don't let it go bad in your refrigerator with this simple tip.

Cutting Bell Peppers

Get a clean cut when slicing peppers into thin strips, also known as julienne, with this quick tip.

Cleaning Leeks

Leeks can be challenging to clean, especially if you want to keep the leek in tact. Use this tip to do both!

Cleaning Greens

This quick tip makes eating your greens easier and cleaner. Now there's really no reason to skip the greens!

Roasting Poblanos

If you're looking to get that smoky flavor of roasted peppers, check out this quick-and-easy tip on how to roast poblanos.

"Chopping" Leafy Greens

Make easier work of chopping unruly leafy greens with this simple tip that only requires a resealable plastic bag.

Seeding Hot Chiles

Stop the burn and save your fingers with this simple kitchen tip for seeding and cleaning out hot chile peppers.

Cleaning Pumpkin Seeds

Clean out a small cooking pumpkin or winter squash efficiently and safely with this common kitchen item.

Removing Corn From the Cob

Prepare the Maque Choux in a quick and clean manner with this simple trick that keeps kernels from flying.

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