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Company-Ready Freezer Muffins

Nothing is more welcoming to houseguests than having a batch of freshly baked muffins at the ready. Use this simple tip and you'll always be ready for company!

Pre-Made Muffin Mixes

No need to panic when unexpected guests call to stop by! This simple make-ahead muffin mix can save those moments — or lazy mornings when you can't be bothered to measure!

How to Make a Cake Collar for Decorating

Frosting a cake can be hard enough without having to clean the serving plate afterwards! To keep your cake plate clean while frosting, use this simple trick with parchment paper.

Berry Barrier for Pie Baking

Fresh berries in pies can make the bottom crust soggy. Here's a simple trick to keep the crust crisp and sliceable for your fruit pies.

Club Soda Pancakes

Here's a simple replacement to make the lightest, fluffiest pancakes—plus it works in just about any recipe! And you can use it in your favorite waffle recipe, too.

Save Money When Cooking or Baking with Alcohol

Alcohol can be an indispensable ingredient to have in your cooking repertoire, but keeping several different full-sized bottles on hand for infrequent use is both expensive and a space-waster! Here's a quick tip on how to save money (and space) when baking or cooking with alcohol.

How to Keep Parchment Paper from Sliding

Does your parchment paper curl up or slip and slide all over your baking sheets when you're preparing a recipe? Here's a simple trick to keep your parchment in place.

Use Dough as a Dough Tamper

No need to buy a dough tamper to press pie/tart dough into pans! With this simple tip, you will have perfect, smooth crusts every time.

How to Make Chocolate Leaves

Here's a simple way to make chocolate leaves. Buying fresh roses every time you make chocolate leaves is costly so try our cost-effective (and reusuable) way to make these decorative leaves that elevate the presentation of your desserts.


How To Make Perfect Flaky Pie Crust

Making Perfect Flaky Pie Crust really is as easy as pie. Armed with just a few tips in this simple, step-by-step guide, you’ll be an expert in how to make flaky, tender, and crisp pie crust in no time — you'll wonder why you ever bothered with purchased pie dough in the first place.



Panettone is an Italian sweet bread served at Christmastime. The brioche-like dough is infused with lemon and vanilla and studded with dried fruits and nuts. This recipe makes three loaves, perfect for gifting and serving to guests. You can use leftover panettone in French toast and bread puddings for a delicious twist on the classics.

This recipe is reprinted from Holiday and Celebration Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Zoë Francois & Jeff Herzberg, M.D.

Applesauce Bundt Cake with Apple Cider Glaze

This cake, full of applesauce and dripping with an apple cider glaze, is the perfect way to enjoy the holidays and cool weather season. To control the amount of sugar, and because sugar content may vary from one brand to another, choose unsweetened applesauce. A hearty helping of applesauce, along with honey, aid in keeping this cake as moist as can be, while delivering subtly sweet apple flavor. But this cake just isn’t complete without the creamy, sweet-tart apple cider glaze. Reduce the cider to intensify the flavor, then add cream for body and brandy for punch. All in all, this is one amazing cake.

Anzac Biscuits with dried cranberries

A favorite from Down Under, Anzac biscuits have been connected to Australia and New Zealand since their first iteration during World War I. You might notice eggs are missing from the recipe — this traces back to their scarcity during the war. Omitting eggs in these biscuits gives them a longer shelf life, making them perfect for sending to a friend or loved one. And since the base of this cookie is so basic and quick, raise the bar and add a couple extra mix-ins. Golden raisins or cranberries provide a burst of sweet flavor and give this cookie a chewy bite. Whether you send these cookies off for someone else to cherish or enjoy them in your own kitchen, they’re sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Salted Caramel Cream Pie

Make room on the stove and space in the fridge for this Salted Caramel Cream Pie — a dessert that’s worthy of any season. It's topped with a fluffy marshmallow meringue that even meringue naysayers can't resist. From crunchy to creamy, and salty to sweet, this pie has got it going on.

Chai-Spiced Italian Buttercream

While cream cheese frosting might be the norm for pumpkin bars, go ahead and ditch it for this Pumpkin Cake in favor of this spicier, more elegant Chai-Spiced Italian Buttercream. It’s not only sophisticated but well-suited to be the centerpiece of your holiday table.

New York Crumb Cake

Tender cake with buttery crumb topping is all it takes to make breakfast a hit — except maybe the cup of joe to go with it.

Perfect Flaky Pie Crust

Follow this recipe for Perfect Flaky Pie Crust and these simple, easy-to-follow steps to yield the most flaky and tender pie crust you'll ever eat. This will be your new go-to crust for all your pie-baking needs. And be sure to check out our in-depth tutorial How to Make Perfect Flaky Pie Crust for a little more info before you start.

Lemony Popovers

Our Lemony Popovers make the perfect side dish to soups and stews. These flavorful popovers are savory and satisfying.

German Chocolate Macaroons

Some cookies impress you with their good looks. Sweet, dense, and chewy, coconut macaroons impress you with their taste. This one, loaded with flavors from German chocolate cake, is sure to become a year-round favorite. More than anything, this cookie was inspired by the signature coconut-pecan frosting the cake is famous for. Sweetened condensed milk helps bind the cookie together, sweeten it, and, once reduced, decorate the outer layer as well.

Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread

What is quick bread, anyway? Some familiar quick breads are biscuits, corn bread, muffins, and these loaf breads. What they all have in common is that they use baking soda or powder to rise instead of yeast.

Banana-Spice Muffins with Streusel Topping

Muffins aren’t new to the low-fat scene—every coffee shop has them. These muffins taste great and they're the healthier option when you're craving a sweet pastry. The best part is you can make them all yourself.