Baking With Kids: Rainbow Sprinkle Cookie Edition

If you’re like me and trying to find new ways to keep the kids busy, I have the perfect baking project for you - Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies. Even if you don’t have kids and just need a little pick me up while being cooped up at home, baking with sprinkles has a way to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

By Madalyn Bendgen


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Baking with kids

“Mom, I’m bored” or “Mom, there’s nothing to do” are reoccurring phrases in our house. It made me think, what project can we do that would both stimulate our brains while also satisfying our inner sweet tooth… insert baking! The idea behind the Rainbow Cookies was based off a recipe that Robin developed for a cookie book called Cake Batter Pinwheel Cookies. The flavor of the Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies is like a birthday cake, just in cookie form. Below I will walk you through how my kids and I successfully (without fighting) bake these Rainbow Cookies.

How to Make Rainbow Cookies:

Since my kiddos are 5 and under, I typically measure the ingredients out and they have fun pouring and mixing them together in a bowl. But now that I think of it, maybe now is the perfect learning opportunity to teach them proper techniques such as spooning flour into the measuring cup instead of scooping. Whichever route you choose, the kids will just enjoy spending time with their cool Mom or Dad. Also, these cookies are so easy to whip up, even those who say, “I can’t bake,” can do it. Trust me, it’s the perfect recipe for cookie baking 101. Don't forget to grab the recipe to get started!


Once the dough comes together, the kids or adults will love this part – rolling the dough balls in sprinkles. Not just a few sprinkles, I mean so completely covered that no dough is showing, well maybe a little, but you get the idea. And say your kids didn’t put as many sprinkles on as needed, that’s where you can add the finishing touches. After you slightly flatten the dough, feel free to add more sprinkles as needed. Let me tell you, you can never have enough sprinkles! We found that the Rainbow Jimmies work the best compared to the nonpareils. You can find the multi-colored ones in large containers too, which is perfect because you do use a lot of sprinkles in this recipe. But say you have a themed party coming up, you can always buy sprinkles according to the color palette. Options are endless when it comes to sprinkles.

Alright, it's time for the hard part, waiting for the cookies to bake and cool. But if you can’t wait for the cookies to cool completely, like me, your fingers might get a little stained. Don’t worry, it’s totally worth it, and nothing a little soap and water can’t fix.

Other Kid-Friendly Baking Recipes

Now that I have shown you how my family bakes together, hopefully this gives you another fun project to add to your To-Do List. Some other kid-friendly recipes that we love to make together are S'more Cookies, PB & J Thumbprints, and Frosted Animal Cookie Chex Mix. Whichever recipe you decide to make, always follow our number one rule, have fun.

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