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All about: cream & how to whip it

From half-and-half to heavy cream, this smooth and rich cooking and baking cornerstone is explained. Now you can case the dairy aisle with confidence. Plus, if you ever wondered about the difference between soft peaks, medium peaks, and stiff peaks, we'll teach you.

Chopping Chocolate

Keep your chocolate from scattering about when chopping with this simple knife swap.

Peanut Brittle Help

It's the season of candy making! This simple trick is sure to make candy making easier on you!

Sugared Cranberries

Candied cranberries make a festive garnish to holiday dishes this time of year. Best of all, it's simple to do!

Soften Brown Sugar

If you've ever found yourself in the midst of baking and realize your brown sugar is hard, use this tip to keep the baking alive.

Heart-Shaped Cake

You don't need a heart-shaped pan to bake up a festive cake. This simple method makes Valentine's Day dessert a cinch.

How to Store Cookies & Bars

Keep your treats tasting delicious and looking great this holiday season with these tips on how to properly store them.

Halloween Candy Cookies

Make the most of left over Halloween candy with this tip that revamps an old tried and true recipe.

No-Drip Ice Cream Cones

Love ice cream but hate when it drips out of your cone? This fun trick with stop the dripping and adds a sweet surprise!

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