Homemade Ricotta Cheese

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Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Homemade ricotta is so luscious (in taste and texture) you'll want to have some on hand at all times... because you'll want to put it on everything. And learning How to Make Homemade Ricotta Cheese is so simple, once you try it you may never purchase the grocery store variety again!


about 1 lb. 5 oz./2½ cups

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Keep this cheese refrigerated up to five days. Use the whey to add to soups and homemade breads.


Line a mesh sieve with cheesecloth and set over a bowl. Set a separate fine-mesh sieve over a large bowl.

Heat milk, cream, and salt in a pot over medium-high, stirring frequently, until mixture reaches 180°, about 18 minutes; remove from heat.

Gently stir in vinegar and let mixture sit to allow curds to form, 10 minutes.

Gently skim curds from whey and transfer to cheesecloth-lined sieve. Slowly pour whey through the fine-mesh sieve, then transfer curds to cheesecloth-lined sieve.

Rest a wooden spoon across top of sieve. Gather corners of cloth on each side of the spoon and tie together so ricotta is suspended from the spoon.

Drain ricotta 2–3 hours, or to desired consistency.

Step 1

Heat milk, stirring frequently so it doesn’t stick to the pot, to 180°; it should be steaming, not simmering.

Step 2

Curds will begin to form as soon as the vinegar is stirred in; let sit 10 minutes for full curd formation.

Step 3

Gently transfer curds to the cheesecloth-lined sieve using a mesh skimmer or strainer.

Step 4

Tie the cloth over the spoon so the ricotta is suspended. The weight of the cheese helps it drain.

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