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Club Soda Pancakes

Here's a simple replacement to make the lightest, fluffiest pancakes—plus it works in just about any recipe! And you can use it in your favorite waffle recipe, too.

Save Money When Cooking or Baking with Alcohol

Alcohol can be an indispensable ingredient to have in your cooking repertoire, but keeping several different full-sized bottles on hand for infrequent use is both expensive and a space-waster! Here's a quick tip on how to save money (and space) when baking or cooking with alcohol.

How to Keep Parchment Paper from Sliding

Does your parchment paper curl up or slip and slide all over your baking sheets when you're preparing a recipe? Here's a simple trick to keep your parchment in place.

Use Dough as a Dough Tamper

No need to buy a dough tamper to press pie/tart dough into pans! With this simple tip, you will have perfect, smooth crusts every time.

How to Make Chocolate Leaves

Here's a simple way to make chocolate leaves. Buying fresh roses every time you make chocolate leaves is costly so try our cost-effective (and reusuable) way to make these decorative leaves that elevate the presentation of your desserts.

Use Dowels for Even Dough Rolling

Rolling dough and pastry to an even, accurate thickness is hard with just a rolling pin. Here's a simple way to create guides to ensure even rolling of your pastry and pie doughs.

How to Make No-Weep Meringue

With this simple trick, you no longer have to worry about your beautiful desserts being ruined by soggy meringue leaking droplets of liquid. Say goodbye to weeping meringues forever!

How to Prevent a Gap in Double-Crust Pies

When you remove a double-crust pie from the oven, you're always crossing your fingers for a masterpiece, but sometimes the top crust separates from the filling, causing a gap. Here's a simple way to prevent this baking problem.

DIY Non-Stick Muffin Liners

Baking cups are great for keeping muffin tins clean, but sometimes the muffins stick to them, leaving behind parts of your muffin and leaving them looking mangled. Here's a quick tip to make your muffin liners nonstick!

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