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Stain-Free Cutting Boards

Beets and other dark, juicy foods can leave stains behind on cutting boards. Here's how to prevent that from happening.

Kitchen Cookbook Hanger

Have a hard time corralling your cookbook when making dinner? Keep it clean and out of the way with this simple tip.

Quick & Economical Tong Lock

Here's a quick way to improvise a lock for tongs that don't have one, using an object you probably have lying around.

Removing Pin Bones

These days, many retailers remove pin bones from salmon, but in case they don't, here's how to find and remove them.

Fresh Crumbs in a Flash

Fresh bread crumbs from a quality loaf can turn a dish from good to great. Here's how to have them at a moment's notice.

Seeding Hot Chiles

Vegetable peelers aren't just for peeling — here are a couple ways to use another part of the handy little tool.

Room for More Ribs

Space a little tighter on your grill than you'd like? Here's a creative way to make room for even more meat.

Store Skewers Safely

Metal skewers are more attractive and economical than bamboo. Here's a way to store them that will keep your hands safe.