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How to Easily Clean a Cheese Grater

Learn this simple trick to quickly, easily, and safely clean a cheesy box grater, without cutting your hand or chewing up your sponge in the process.

Freezing Blue Cheese

Can you freeze blue cheese? Don't let expensive blue cheese go to waste, and always have some on hand with this simple tip for long-term storage.

How to Shuck Oysters

Are you planning to prepare oysters for the holidays? Do so safely and efficiently with these instructions.

How to Quickly Peel a Mango

This quick, simple-to-do, tip demystifies and makes easy work of preparing fresh mango for any kind of recipe.

How to Core & Seed Bell Peppers

It can be tricky to clean out bell peppers without feeling wasteful. Here's how to do it easily, and avoid losing much pepper flesh.

How to Test Oil Temperature

Simplify frying, especially when you're without a deep-fat thermometer, with this trick for checking the oil temperature.

How to Remove Silk From Corn

With sweet corn season in full bloom, save time shucking with this simple to-do tip that uses something from your desk.

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