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Seeding Jalapeños

Ditch the gloves and pull out your vegetable peeler. There's more than one way to seed a jalapeño.

Clean Grater Tip

Learn this simple trick to quickly and easily clean a cheesy grater.

Blender Safety Tip

Put this simple tip into action any time you're puréeing hot liquids in a blender.

Double Duty Huller

Put this rarely used kitchen tool to good use in this tip that makes deboning fish easy as can be.

Shredding Cabbage

Make easy work of thinly shredding cabbage with this quick trick that saves time and hassle.

Odorless Cutting Board

This simple and easy to do cutting board tip helps keep fruit tasting fresh — not oniony or garlicky.

Chopping Chocolate

Keep your chocolate from scattering about when chopping with this simple knife swap.

Bread Basket Warmer

Enjoy warm bread throughout your entire meal with this simple trick for keeping bread warm longer!

Less Fuss Biscotti

Baking this classic treat is usually a time consuming task, but not anymore with this simple trick!

Trussing Turkey

With this trusty tip in mind trussing the turkey legs together this year will be easy as can be!

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