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How to Make the Most Out of Leftover Vegetables/Herbs for Stock

While store-bought stock can be a real time-saver, there's no substitute for homemade stock—it's the basis for all good cooking. To give flavor and depth to stock, save and freeze leftover herbs and vegetables for easy use when making homemade stock.

DIY Nonstick Pizza Cutter

When you cut pizza with a pizza cutter, do you lose half the cheese and toppings to your cutter? Here's a simple tip to make it nonstick so your toppings stay put.

DIY Nook and Cranny Cleaner for Kitchen

It’s difficult to get those tight spaces clean in waffle irons, bread machines and other small kitchen appliances. Here's a simple, inexpensive solution—and it only takes a quick trip to the hardware store!

DIY Jar Grip

Some jars are tough to open. Save your money and don't purchase those rubber jar grips! You can make a DIY version at home with a rubberband.

DIY Splatter Guard

Tired of splatters from a hand mixer? Use this quick tip to make your own DIY shield to protect you (and your clothes) from splatters and splashes—and keep your kitchen cleaner!

How to Make Balsamic Syrup

Balsamic syrup tastes sweet and looks great as a garnish to drizzle on and flavor salads, appetizers and main dishes—you can even use it as a syrup for desserts! Here's a quick way to make balsamic syrup from inexpensive grocery-store balsamic vinegar.

Multi-Purpose Pasta Insert for Soup & Broth

Make soup, stock and broth-making a breeze by putting your pasta insert to use! Clean up is a breeze and yet another unitasker becomes a multi-purpose kitchen tool.

An Easy Way to Sharpen Kitchen Shears

Your kitchen shears probably get a good amount of use—but they are the last kitchen tool you might think to sharpen! Here's an easy way to sharpen your kitchen shears.

How to Test the Accuracy of Your Thermometer

An accurate thermometer is crucial to your cooking and baking success! Thermometers come in handy for all types of recipes, from frying and testing meat for doneness to baking bread and making candy. Here's an easy way to test your thermometer for accuracy—no special equipment required!

How to Skim Fat Off Liquids Quickly

Sometimes you just don’t have time to chill your sauces, broths, stocks and other liquids to easily skim the fat. Here's a few time-saving hacks to skim the fat quickly using something you're sure to have in your kitchen.

DIY Pie Crust Shield

Do your pie crust edges brown too fast? You can certainly buy a pie crust shield, but they can be hard to arrange on top of the pie and sometimes don't fit. You can make a DIY version that's sure to fit any pie! See this simple tip to make a DIY pie crust shield.

How to Make a Piping Bag Out of Parchment Paper

No piping bag? No problem! Use this simple how-to to create a piping/pastry bag out of a standard kitchen staple, parchment paper.


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Apple Strudel Soup

Boldly creative, flavored, and textured, this Apple Strudel Soup is nothing if not interesting. Not just speedy and simple, this soup goes above and beyond with spice, comfort, and sweetness.

Tomato Jam and Smoked Paprika Granola

Savory granola is the perfect addition when you want to add a little crunch or umami to puréed soups, salads, or roasted vegetables.

From snacks, dips, and condiments to soups, braises, and desserts, Marisa McClellan does a fabulous job transforming your preserves into some new and exceptional dishes. If you’re looking for ways to use up jams or fruit butters, granola is the answer. By using jams in granola it allows you to toss your nuts and oats in a slurry of sweet preserves with a…

Shanghai Mule with White Claw Lime Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer water is a popular canned cocktail that’s flooded the market. Whether you’re already on board or just curious, these easy recipes turn the bubbly beverage into some of our new favorite refreshing cocktails, like this Shanghai Mule. The kicker in this mule is the candied ginger — swizzle a slice and see what we mean.

Black Cherry Smash with Budweiser Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

This Black Cherry Smash cocktail makes the case that bourbon and black cherry have a taste affinity that’s meant to be.

What started with everyone drinking posh sparkling waters has manifested into “hard seltzer” or soda water mixed with neutral-flavored alcohol, plus flavoring. Hard seltzer is sparkling water, aka club soda, instilled with attitude; generally between 4.5% and 7% ABV. Citrus, berry flavored, and tropical fruit seltzers are just the right vehicles for creating summer …

Iced Carajillo with Pabst Hard Coffee

Hard seltzer water is a popular canned cocktail that’s flooded the market. Whether you’re already on board or just curious, these easy recipes turn the bubbly beverage into some of our new favorite refreshing cocktails, like this Iced Carajillo with Pabst Hard Coffee and Licor 43. Made from 43 different ingredients, Spain’s Licor 43 is a vanilla-ish flavored liqueur with citrus, botanic, sweet, and floral notes.

Artisan Fire Pizza Dough

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet knows how to create some tasty pizzas on the grill. The Food + Fire cookbook has pizzas for every meal — breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. The hard part is deciding which one to make first — but they all begin with this Artisan Fire Pizza Dough.

This dough uses a blend of bread flour and Caputo Tipo ‘00 flour — the Italian flour used by Neapolitan pizza restaurants due to…

Bread-and-Butter Pickles

Sweet, salty, and crisp — you can’t go wrong with these classic Bread-and-Butter Pickles!

Miso Butterscotch Sauce

This butterscotch sauce is like none you’ve had before — it’s sweet, but slightly salty with a touch of umami essence — your ice cream is about to get real happy. Butterscotch sauce benefits from salt, too. Like salted caramel, it keeps the sauce from becoming saccharine sweet — it’s perfectly balanced.

Homemade Pop Tarts with strawberry or brown sugar-cinnamon filling

Homemade pop tarts — need we say more? Tender buttery crust, with two fillings to choose from, don’t let their cuteness stop you from eating more than one. This recipe makes either 6 strawberry pop tarts, or 6 brown sugar pop tarts.

Homemade Animal Cookies

Line up for these (almost) too-adorable-to-eat homemade treats. No need to frost these animal cookies — with three different flavors, they’re roaring good.

Apple Puff Pancake with apple cider-caramel sauce

Easier than apple pie, but equally as delicious with much more ta-da than basic breakfast fare, this baked Granny Smith Apple Puff Pancake is fall at its finest.

More crêpe-like than a flapjack, Dutch baby pancakes are the ideal vehicle for buttery, cinnamon-spiced, sautéed Granny Smith apples. With an apple-cider caramel sauce, this breakfast is fit for a king (or a queen).

Spiced Apple Butter

Spiced Apple Butter is a tasty way to put fresh fall apples to good use and this one shouldn’t be missed. Sugar and spices make it sweet and homespun, but cider vinegar, thyme, and bay leaf add depth. Then, slather this flavorful butter on biscuits for the perfect fall breakfast.