How to Make a Piping Bag Out of Parchment Paper

No piping bag? No problem! Use this simple how-to to create a piping/pastry bag out of a standard kitchen staple, parchment paper.


For a quick pastry bag that you won’t have to wash, pull out your parchment paper. Cut a 12" square of paper (it doesn’t have to be perfect).


Fold it in half twice, so you end up with a smaller square. Cut an arc along the open sides of the square. When you unfold it, you’ll have a circle. Then cut out one quarter of the circle.


Roll up the remaining three quarters around the center point—it becomes the tip of your bag. Keep the hole in the tip as small as possible. You can always cut more off later if you want a bigger hole. Fold the lip of the cone over a little so the bag won’t unroll. The mouth of a jar works great to hold the bag steady during folding and filling.


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