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How to Skim Fat Off Liquids Quickly

Sometimes you just don’t have time to chill your sauces, broths, stocks and other liquids to easily skim the fat. Here's a few time-saving hacks to skim the fat quickly using something you're sure to have in your kitchen.


Here's a quick way to remove it from gravy, stock, and stews. Cut a large piece of cheesecloth and fill it with ice cubes. The amount of ice will depend on the amount of stock or gravy you are working with.


Then tie the cheesecloth with a piece of string to secure the cubes. Dunk the cheesecloth into your stock or gravy. The fat will solidify and stick to the ice bag when it comes in contact with it.

Another way to degrease stock is to skim the surface of the liquid with a loosely crumpled piece of plastic wrap— it attracts grease like a magnet. Repeat the process with new plastic until the fat is gone.


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