DIY Pie Crust Shield

Do your pie crust edges brown too fast? You can certainly buy a pie crust shield, but they can be hard to arrange on top of the pie and sometimes don't fit. You can make a DIY version that's sure to fit any pie! See this simple tip to make a DIY pie crust shield.


Pie crust edges too brown? Make a pie crust shield with a foil pizza pan. Cut a hole in the middle so the crust’s edge will be shielded from the oven’s heat, but the pie’s top can still brown. Save the shield to use again.

Here's another option: To save the edge of a pie crust from getting too dark before the pie is done, make a foil shield. First, cut a square of foil 3" larger than the diameter of the pie. Fold the square in half, then in half again. Starting at a folded edge, cut out a semicircle from the center; discard the circle. As the crust starts to brown, place the shield over the pie, allowing the foil to cover the fluted edge. Then just lightly crimp the foil around the edges of the crust. This works great when blind baking crusts, as well as when baking filled pies.

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