Make Some Noise With This 4th of July Spread

Anyone else trying to pull together a last minute 4th of July menu? Whether its staying home with the family or a small gathering with some friends - we’ve got you covered.

By Madalyn Bendgen

4th of July side dishes: Firecracker Beans; Red, White, and Blue Fruit Salad; grilled corn with Pimento Cheese Butter; and Bacon

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First Up: Hot Dogs

Here is an easy, crowd pleasing, must have main dish for the 4th.. hot dogs! If you have some hot dog lovers, throw a weenie roast. Simply grill up a bunch of dogs and grab the ingredients for different toppers. That way, there is something for everyone. Check out the Spicy Mustard Dog, Nacho Dogs, Boston Bean Dog, Bloody Mary Dogs, and the Hawaiian Dog… just to name a few. Or simply bust out the ketchup and mustard. Tada! Main dish covered.

4th of July Side Dishes

Needing some inspiration on side dishes? Here are some of my favorites, and some even have a little 4th of July theme to them. The Red, White, and Blue Fruit salad is a must have side dish at our gathering. You can never go wrong with fresh fruit, and cutting jicama into stars really adds to the “cute” factor. And don’t forget the Firecracker Beans. I know some gatherings like to open a can of Bush’s baked beans and call it good, but these beans will impress your guests while also adding a little flare of heat. You want to know another must have? Good ole Iowa sweet corn. I do love corn simply with butter, salt, and pepper, but there is something about this Pimento-Cheese Butter that I can’t pass up either. Another great side is the Jalapeno Mac N Cheese. No matter what you throw on the grill or decide to cook up, Mac n Cheese is always a great go-to.

Don't Forget Dessert

Now onto desserts. Pie is always a great option. Cuisine's Cherry Almond Pie or Blueberry Pie are both scrumptious and fitting for the occasion. Or impress your guests with an Ice Cream Cake that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth while also cooling them down. (This recipe was Cuisine's 100th issue Cover shot with sparklers in it. Note to self: if adding sparklers to the cake..maybe enjoy it outside.)

No matter what you decide to do this holiday, just remember to smile and soak in the much needed down time with family or friends. And try not to sweat the little stuff… like throwing together a last minute 4th of July menu. I know, easier said than done.. Stay safe everyone!

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