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With in-depth cooking articles and step-by-step cooking videos, we'll help you learn more about how to cook great food at home. Master cooking techniques that will make you successful in the kitchen, and take a closer look at some of our favorite ingredients. Learn everything from how to cure meats to making cheese at home, plus find Test Kitchen-approved techniques for getting tricky treats like hollandaise sauce and flaky pie crust to turn out perfectly.

All About Cast Iron

Grandma didn’t need an arsenal of fancy pans — her cooking revolved around a trusty cast-iron skillet. But is it still relevant in today’s more sophisticated kitchens? An understanding of cast iron, its benefits, and how to properly care for it just might make you a convert.

The Secrets to the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Want to know the secrets to making the best chocolate chip cookies? We're spilling everything, from if you should use butter or shortening to which kind of chocolate chips to use. Plus, grab our recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies.

The Ultimate Meal Planning Guide

How do you get dinner on the table — almost every day — without becoming bored or losing your motivation? We answer that age-old question by sharing a few of our personal experiences and giving you our best meal prep and meal planning tips. Find what works for you, something you can stick with, and you may just find yourself enjoying weeknight cooking.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

All things in moderation…this balanced attitude toward food is why the diet of the sun-kissed Mediterranean is one of the world’s most healthful. Let this simple plan be your guide to modifying the region’s favorites into Americanized, good-for-you dinners you can savor with family and friends.

My Hot Sauce Fetish

Hot sauces are love-it-or-leave-it for some, but for me, I love them so much that I devote entire sections of my fridge to them. Here are some of my favorite (really, the best) hot sauces. Plus, I shed some light on why some people are gluttons for pain and just can't get enough of the spicy sauces.

All About Lemons

Pucker up — stock your kitchen with every cook’s best friend — lemons. They add a spark to foods with their juice and zest.

The Best Burr Coffee Grinders

A good coffee grinder is inarguably one of the pillars of a really good cup of coffee. But with so many grinders on the market You might be overwhelmed by which one to choose. We've selected our favorite, top-rated, kitchen-tested and reviewed Burr coffee grinders.