How to Make the Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

With Easter right around the corner, I thought it might be the perfect time for a quick crash course into hard boiled eggs. I will walk you through the traditional process for how to make hard-boiled eggs, including a steamed version, and introduce you to an awesome product you can buy to make hard boiling eggs even simpler. Lets get crackin'!

What is Tahini and How to Use It

Tahini is the darling of the food world, but it's been around for ages. Here's everything you need to know about this rich and creamy sesame paste, including which brands of tahini to buy — plus a few tahini-focused recipes to use up that jar.

50 Pantry-Staple Recipes

A well-stocked pantry is essential, both for easy weeknight meals and in times of an emergency. Here are 50 simple ways to turn pantry staples into delicious and complete meals.

How to Make Better Biscuits

Here in the Test Kitchen, I’m known as the go-to girl for biscuits. It’s because biscuits have always been one of my favorite comfort foods. Warm from the oven simply slathered with butter, or covered with sausage gravy, there’s no wrong way to eat a biscuit. Growing up, my Mom made Bisquick biscuits, and I’ve eaten my share of canned biscuits too, but once I learned how easy biscuits are to make, there was no going back. So welcome to Biscuits 101.

Baking With Kids: Rainbow Sprinkle Cookie Edition

If you’re like me and trying to find new ways to keep the kids busy, I have the perfect baking project for you - Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies. Even if you don’t have kids and just need a little pick me up while being cooped up at home, baking with sprinkles has a way to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Budget-Friendly Weekly Meal Plan: Shop Once, Eat Smart All Week

Running to the grocery store every day will be a thing of the past when you plan ahead. Shop for these five weeknight- and budget-friendly recipes — that just happen to be healthy-ish too — on the weekend to make dinners through the week a breeze. Plus, download our free grocery list to make shopping a breeze.

What is Aquafaba and How to Use It

I bet you've been tossing out one of the most important ingredients found in vegan pantries — aquafaba — it makes a great egg substitute for making meringues and so much more.

A Guide to the Different Types of Salt

Don’t think for a moment that salt is just salt or that all salts are created equal. If you’re into cooking, here’s the information you need to know to make all your food taste even better.

When to Buy Organic + The Clean 15

The nonprofit Environmental Working Group recently released its “Dirty Dozen” list — produce with the highest pesticide residue levels. These fruits and vegetables are the most important to buy organic, ranked from the worst toxic offenders(1) to the least (12).

The Clean 15 is the Environmental Working Group’s list of fruits and vegetables that are unnecessary to buy organic. Here's the full scoop on when you may want to consider buying organic and when you can opt for non-organic produce.

Grilling & Baking in Quarantine

We're living in unprecedented times in the middle of this health crisis. Many people are turning to the kitchen for solace, sustenance, and entertainment. Here's one Cuisine staffer's story, plus some favorite recipes for grilling and baking while you're spending more time at home.

Rejuvenate Your Gut Health

The digestive system is one of your most important allies to being happier and healthier, and new research proves it. Do your body some good by tweaking what you eat, including consuming more fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics. Why not consider a “workout” routine to include your gut? You’ll likely feel better, have more energy, strengthen your immune system, and you may even lose a little weight.

Best Amazon Meal Prep Containers

For those who are ready to go all in with this meal prep and planning, you might be wondering what are some of our favorite Amazon meal prep containers or ways to store the meals? Let us help you narrow down your Amazon search.