Making Bacon From Scratch

If you've ever wanted to learn how to make the King of Meats right in your own kitchen, you've come to the right place. Making bacon really couldn't be any simpler!


Pork Ribs: Baby Back Ribs vs Spareribs

What’s the difference between baby back ribs and spareribs?


How to Make a Stuffed Pork Loin

Have you always loved the look of a rolled pork loin roast but weren’t sure how to make one? Do you love pork, ham, salami, and gooey cheese? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, this article is for you. You’ll learn how to butterfly, stuff, and roll the pork roast of your dreams.

All About Pork Ribs and How To Smoke and Grill Them

Learn all about buying and trimming pork ribs — baby backs and spareribs. A simple rub and sauce is all your ribs need (check out our recipe for Spicy Dry Rubbed and Grilled Spareribs with bock barbecue sauce).


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Asian Pork Satay

Satay [sah-TAY] are Indonesian in origin, but this Asian Pork Satay uses easy-to-find ingredients from different Asian cultures. Hoisin, a thick, sweet, spiced sauce used in Chinese cooking, is the base of the marinade. It’s enhanced with chili garlic sauce (Thai) and rice vinegar (Japanese). Together, these Asian flavors form one sweet-and-spicy sauce that's an out-of-this-world taste sensation.

Glazed Pork Chops

There’s only one thing better than a well-cooked pork chop — that’s a grilled, well-cooked pork chop.

Spring Fava Bean Soup

t’s time to give beans a little respect—at least more than the playground song does. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certainly respects them. It recommends three cups of these nutritional powerhouses for adults each week. With more varieties of beans than you can shake a stick at, it’s no problem to find beans to toss into a soup, salad, or side dish.

Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

Any rib lover knows that lengthy cooking is what makes ribs so tender. Surprise! The slow cooker can match the grill for perfect ribs. To duplicate the grill’s effects, slather slow-cooked ribs with barbecue sauce, then pop them under a broiler for a few minutes to caramelize the sauce.

Northern Bean Soup

Nothing warms you up on a cold day like hearty and healthy bean soup! This recipe is delicious and loaded with protein and nutrient-rich vegetables.

Chicken and Sausage Manicotti

This pasta casserole represents the best in Italian cooking: casual yet beautiful food filled with hearty, bold flavors. You can assemble the dish ahead and chill until ready to bake.

Creamy Asparagus Soup

Served with Crab-Stuffed Pears, this creamy asparagus soup makes the perfect "ladies’ luncheon" menu. But don't assume it’s delicate and dainty—this menu will keep you satisfied for hours.

Butternut Squash Risotto with Pancetta & Sage

This workhorse of classic Italian cuisine gets rich additions—roasted squash, pancetta, and sage.

Italian Sausage Ragu with Ziti

Pair ragu with pasta, and it’s easy to see why this classic sauce has been a favorite for so long. It’s deceptively simple and quick to make, yet bursting with savory flavor.

Skillet Lasagna

If you love the taste of lasagna but don’t have time for the labor-intensive layered version, this cheesy skillet recipe is the way to go.

Pan-Roasted Pork Chops with Apricot Sauce

Here’s to “the other white meat.” Taste this perfectly pan-roasted chop and see why it merits all the publicity it’s been getting.

Supreme Pizza Soup

Finally! A soup that kids and adults will like! Pizza favorites, like pepperoni and sausage, will have the kids jumping for joy. And with all the big chunks of fresh vegetables, Mom and Dad will be happy too