All About Eggs

We all know about scrambled, fried, poached, and hard-cooked, but there’s a lot more to eggs than you ever imagined. They’re so versatile, it’s no wonder they’re considered incredible. Read on for a refresher on eggs, then check out the four recipes that show off their diversity.

How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

With Easter right around the corner, I thought it might be the perfect time for a quick crash course into hard boiled eggs. I will walk you through the traditional process for how to make hard-boiled eggs, including a steamed version, and introduce you to an awesome product you can buy to make hard boiling eggs even simpler. Lets get crackin'!


Perfectly Centered Yolks in Hard-Cooked Eggs

Egg yolks rarely remain perfectly centered in the egg after packaging, shipping and storage. To help the chalazae hold the yolk in the center of the egg for the perfect hard-cooked egg, try this simple trick. Just make sure to plan ahead because you need a full 24 hours before cooking for this tip to work!

How to Easily Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

How to make and peel hard-boiled eggs are perhaps two of the most debated cooking questions. Here's an easy way to peel hard-boiled eggs.

How to Peel a Hard-Cooked Egg

It's safe to say that removing the shell from hard-cooked eggs can be one of the most frustrating things to do in the kitchen. With this easy tip, you'll no longer consider throwing in the towel.

Cutting Hard-Boiled Eggs with Floss

Find cutting hard cooked eggs to be messy and inefficient? With a simple tool, this task will become simple and easy!

How to Quickly Bring Eggs & Butter to Room Temperature

So you forgot to take your eggs and butter out of the fridge in time for your baking adventure...we've all been there! Here's a quick and easy way to bring eggs and butter up to room temperature any time you need them.

How to Easily Clean Up a Dropped Egg

Don't despair over a dropped raw egg. Cleanup is easy with one simple ingredient that will help scoop the mess right up.

How to Tell if Eggs Are Fresh

Hesitant to serve the eggs that have been in your refrigerator for who knows how long? Give them this quick test.


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Pastrami & Egg Sandwiches with hash browns

Whether you allot time for a cooked breakfast during the week, or wait for the weekend to indulge, one of these sandwiches is bound to be a hit. This Pastrami & Egg Sandwich was inspired by the deli, but with hash browns and a pretzel bun kicking it up several notches, it's a true treat that'll fill you up body and soul.

Shrimp & Asparagus Egg Foo Yung with Chinese Gravy

Egg foo yung [foo YUHNG] is commonplace in Chinese restaurants, but it’s easy, and quick, to make at home. With just eggs, crunchy fresh bean sprouts, crisp-tender asparagus, and shrimp, you’ll have a dish that works just as well as a savory breakfast as it does for a fast dinner or appetizer.

Denver Omelet Nachos with Hash-Brown Potatoes

Inspired by an appetizer favorite, this gooey, cheesy, and tasty take on nachos hits the spot whether you’re just starting the day, hosting a sporting event, or just hanging out with friends. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like these nachos, and for good reason. Denver omelets are just the ticket when you’re hungry, but these nachos are so much more festive than an omelet.

Ricotta Frittata with Tomato Salad

We’ve all had frittatas before, but this one with ricotta cheese is as creamy and dreamy as it gets. Served with a fresh tomato salad, it’s simplicity at its best.

Egg-Muffin Sandwiches with Cheese Sauce

No need to swing by the fast food joint for a breakfast sandwich. With a homemade cheese sauce, thick Canadian bacon, and a fresh slice of tomato, this is a marvelous homemade makeover of a classic Egg McMuffin sandwich. Best of all, it only takes 30 minutes, which means you’re on the go in no time. Canadian bacon is delicious on this sandwich, but keep things interesting by swapping in bacon or sausage every now and then.

Eggs in Tomato Sauce with Black Beans

Thanks to Anaheim chiles, oregano, cumin, and paprika, this Mexican take on the classic eggs in purgatory packs a major flavor punch. Baked in a tomato sauce with black beans and finished with fresh cilantro and serrano chiles, this festive breakfast is worthy of a party. This savory vegetarian breakfast also makes for a great lunch or dinner. Whenever you choose to serve it, it’s sure to get rave reviews.

Spinach & Bacon Frittata with Hash-Brown Crust

Fluffy, cheesy eggs and crispy hash browns all in one, does it get any better? Nope. This frittata has got it all going on. With three cheeses, bacon, spinach, and a hash brown crust there’s not much more to say, except that you, and your friends and family, will love this breakfast or brunch recipe.

Known as the original Swiss cheese, Emmental comes from the Emmental valley in Switzerland. It has a mild and nutty taste, and is recognizable because of its eyes (holes).

ABC Bagels

Want one of the best breakfast sandwiches around? Look to this one. It’s called an ABC bagel to account for its tasty main ingredients: avocado, bacon, and Cheddar. Sandwich them between a chewy everything bagel with a tangy lime mayo for a great start to your day.

Spanish Tortilla with Mini Peppers

If there’s any season that bodes well for simplified meals, it’s summer. With an array of produce at its peak, it’s easy to make meals more flavorful with fewer ingredients. Peppers are integral to Spanish cuisine. Use them here in this Spanish Tortilla with potatoes and Manchego cheese, perfect for a weeknight dinner, breakfast, or brunch.

Huevos Rancheros Omelets

Breakfast sausage and cheese fill these Huevos Rancheros Omelets, while salsa and beans round out the plate for a hearty breakfast. For a dinner option, you might swap chorizo for the sausage.

Egg Foo Yong with Scallions & Bean Sprouts

Egg foo yung [foo YUHNG] is commonplace in Chinese restaurants, but easy to make at home. It's as simple as eggs, cornstarch, and a little seasoning, plus crisp bean sprouts and scallions. The sauce adds even more flavor to this side dish.

Egg Boats with Bacon, Avocado & Tomato

Everyone deserves a hearty breakfast that will carry them through to lunch, and these egg boats are just the ticket. Filled with crisp bacon, avocado, and fresh tomatoes, you'll be hard pressed to go back to cereal.