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How to Tent Yeast Rolls When Proofing

Sometimes enriched yeast doughs can be sticky, making them tough to cover to rise/proof. Here's a simple trick to create a tent for your rolls and breads to prevent sticking.

How to Keep Waffles Warm

Find yourself eating breakfast alone once everyone else has eaten? Use this simple trick so everyone can eat together!

How to Stale Bread

Need stale bread in a pinch? Use this quick tip and get your dressing prepared in no time.

DIY Hard-Shell Tacos

Looking for other fresh ways to enjoy Mexican food at home? Try this tip for making your own taco shells.

All About Yeast

Some yeast needs to be proofed before using, while other types allow you to skip the step. So what's the difference?

How to Reheat Tortillas

Tortillas are easier to roll or fold when they are warm. Store-bought tortillas lose moisture over time, but with this tip, it's easy to reheat tortillas without drying them out further.


There are no how-to's currently tagged as relating to the term "Bread".



Panettone is an Italian sweet bread served at Christmastime. The brioche-like dough is infused with lemon and vanilla and studded with dried fruits and nuts. This recipe makes three loaves, perfect for gifting and serving to guests. You can use leftover panettone in French toast and bread puddings for a delicious twist on the classics.

This recipe is reprinted from Holiday and Celebration Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Zoë Francois & Jeff Herzberg, M.D.

Brioche Dressing

For a delicious French spin on the classic American stuffing, turn to the buttery richness of brioche bread. It toasts perfectly on the outside due to it's high butter content, while staying creamy and soft inside. Don't worry — while we went to France with the bread, this still has all the flavors of traditional stuffing.

Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls

Sweet potatoes don’t have to be mashed or candied to make it on your holiday table. Add them to yeast rolls for a change to your classic dinner roll. The sweet potato flavor is subtle in the rolls — it’s mostly added for moisture and golden hue. Add mace to the dough to enhance the sweet potato flavor and turmeric for more color.

Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread

These warm, garlicky cheese bites are simply irresistible! Loaded with cheese, garlic butter, and herbs, all baked together to make all your cheese pull dreams come true. Make these for your next gathering — we’re positive they won’t disappoint.

Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese & Streusel

Pumpkin is a great seasonal quick bread, and this one steps things up a notch by topping with a crunchy pecan streusel and filling with sweetened cream cheese. Say hello to the ultimate fall treat.

Quick Rosemary Dinner Rolls

Simple, homemade yeast dinner rolls flavored with woodsy rosemary are a cinch to make—and can be on the table in less than an hour.

Cheesy Naan with Chutney

This speedy side dish is the ultimate accompaniment to an Indian-inspired meal, like our Chicken Vindaloo. Store-bought naan and Major Grey's chutney make this Cheesy Naan quick to put together.

Sour Cream Biscuits

Five ingredients are all you need to make the ultimate flaky biscuit. These tender flaky biscuits just beg to be served with honey. For the best result, use the right flour. Self-rising has a lower protein level than regular all-purpose flour and results in a more tender biscuit. And sour cream makes for incredibly flaky biscuits.

Broiled Baguette with Parsley Oil

This Broiled Baguette with parsley oil is the perfect accompaniment to our Shrimp & Serrano Paella, as well as anything saucy in need of a dipper. The parsley oil is not only tasty to serve with the broiled baguette, it’s also really delicious drizzled over the paella.

Milk Bread

Milk bread is pretty much just like it sounds — bread that’s made with milk, though it’s not that simple. It’s a yeast dough enriched with butter, sugar, and egg. But what really sets it apart is an ancient Japanese technique, called tangzhong, which makes for extremely tender, fluffy, lighter-than-air bread. Once you make the dough and let it rise, all you need to do is decide how you want to shape it — into a standard loaf, dinner rolls or clover leaf rolls.

See the article How to Make Japanese Milk Bread for more detail and shaping instructions.