5 Food Gifts to Make & Give This Christmas

This year, stand out from the gifting crowd and leave these savory bites on a few doorsteps.

5 Food Gifts to Make & Give This Christmas — Savory Spiced Nuts, Fig & Red Wine Jam, Bulgogi Beef Jerky, Mini Cheese Crackers, and salty-sweet Snowed-In Snack Mix

No doubt, the holidays are a time for indulgence. But there comes a point when all the cookies and sweets start to taste the same.

This year, stand out from the crowd and leave these savory food gifts on a few doorsteps. It's amazing how helpful it can be to have a few snacks handy during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and there's always something extra tasty about something that was homemade with love just for you. Your friends will be more than thankful.

I'm sure Santa would be very pleased if you left some out for him to sample, too.

#1: Savory Spiced Nuts

Savory-Spiced-Nuts-Lead Everyone needs a recipe for Spiced Nuts in their arsenal, and this savory blend of mixed nuts tossed in a sweet-and-savory spice mix will be a hit. The seasonings are made from pantry staples, so you can easily throw together this easy snack recipe at the drop of a hat — or the ring of the doorbell with unexpected guests.

#2: Bulgogi Beef Jerky

Bulgogi-Beef-Jerky-Lead Homemade Bulgogi Beef Jerky is a great road-trip snack and a perfect handmade gift to give during the holidays because it's flavorful, filling, and very portable. Traditional Korean bulgogi is made with thin slices of beef, marinated in soy, brown sugar, sesame, and aromatics, and grilled. Here, we take that classic Korean dish and dehydrate it into one addictive snack.

#3: Fig & Red Wine Jam

Fig-and-Red-Wine-Jam-Lead Homemade Fig & Red Wine Jam makes a wonderful sweet-and-savory treat — and a great holiday gift to give away to friends and family. The warm, bright flavors of red wine, orange, and cinnamon balance the sweetness of ripe, fresh figs in this easy jam recipe. Sweet from honey — but not cloyingly so — this jam goes well with cheeses, on toast or crackers, or as a sauce to serve with pork or chicken.

#4: Mini Cheese Crackers

Mini-Cheese-Crackers-Lead With just a few simple ingredients, you can make homemade Mini Cheese Crackers that are better than any store-bought cracker out there. They deliver big flavor, crisp texture, and make a take-anywhere snack — or a perfect holiday treat. You can pick a variety of flavor combinations to change up the recipe to suit your taste.

#5: Snowed-In Snack Mix

Snowed-In-Snack-Mix-Lead Bring on the blizzard if it comes with a batch of this addicting salty-sweet Snowed-In Snack Mix for munching.

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