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How to Easily Skin Fish

Skinning a fish fillet can be slippery and frustrating business. Here's a simple—and safe—way to help get a grip on the fish skin.

How To Store Salmon For Maximum Freshness

If you love fresh, never-frozen salmon but can't use it the same day you buy it, this tip will show you how to keep your fillets straight-from-the-market fresh for up to two days.


How to Make Homemade Stock

Stocks are the foundation of classic cooking — they won't dazzle you with their good looks, but surely will with what they bring to your cooking endeavors. Simply follow our fundamental guidelines, including our six principles for making from-scratch stock, and you'll soon be creating amazing soups, stews, and more.

How to Flavor & Tenderize Meat and Vegetables with Marinades

Look around your kitchen, and you’ll see everything needed to add extra layers of flavor or to tenderize your favorite meal — vinegars, juices, milk, vegetables, spices, even wine. In this step-by-step tutorial we explain all that you should know about marinades and how they work . . . while you relax.

Learn All About Indirect Grilling

What is indirect grilling? It's bascially a technique that turns your grill into an outdoor oven so you can cook big items, like whole chickens, pork loins, pizzas, etc. So the next time you fire up the grill, follow these four simple steps, and take the indirect route to perfectly cooked meats, vegetables, and more.

How To Grill Fish

Does grilling leave you fishing for compliments? Have no fear, simply follow these three simple guidelines and five rules for grilling flawless fish fillets every time. Not sure what fish to buy? Read on. How should you prep the grill and the fish? That's covered. Not sure when the fish is done? Follow our test for doneness. This step-by-step technique article walks you through all you need to know about How To Grill Fish.


Baja Fish Taco Salad

Fish tacos are a perennial beach favorite. Around since the ‘50s, they’re a laid-back meal that’s often mistakenly considered light. Ditch the corn tortillas and the heavy batter on the fish but load up on vegetables and fish tacos become a healthy meal.

Mediterranean Baked Tilapia

This Mediterranean Baked Tilapia is as colorful as it is satisfying. Roasted potatoes and bell peppers combine with the zingy Mediterranean flavors of kalamata olives, capers and goat cheese for an easy, healthy dinner you'll want to make again and again.

Tuna Steaks with asian orange sauce

Just a quick sear on both sides is all these Tuna Steaks need to be cooked to medium-rare, then top with a sweet and slightly spicy Asian orange sauce that will keep you coming back for more.

Skillet Salmon Chowder Casserole

Turn the perennial favorite — fish chowder — into a stick-to-your-ribs Skillet Salmon Chowder Casserole. With hash brown potatoes, succulent pieces of fresh salmon, and a bright and bacony bread crumb topping, everyone will be coming back for a second helping.

Crispy Cod Fillets

Thick, tender cod fillets, a crispy, crunchy panko coating, and a from-scratch tangy tartar sauce take the mundane to simply marvelous in just about half an hour. Looking for more fish recipes? Check out some other favorites!

Seared Tuna Steaks

This time of year calls for light, yet satisfying meals. Simply seared tuna topped with an herbacious heirloom tomato salad definitely fits the season.

Grilled Trout

The presentation of a whole grilled fish is incredibly dramatic, but the process of making it doesn’t have to be. This trout — flavored with lemon, mint, and oregano — takes just 30 minutes!

Cod Fillets with Carrot-Ginger Sauce

If a fish dish could be described as delicate and intensely flavored all at once, Cod Fillets with Carrot-Ginger Sauce would be the one. You’ll be knocked out by the deliciousness. Simple yet sensational, this fish menu is as satisfying as it gets. You won’t even realize it’s actually low calorie, too. White wine, tomato, ginger, and orange make a savory sauce, a perfect partner for cod’s subtle quality.

Flounder Piccata

The brightness of the lemon and richness from the butter complement the subtle-tasting fish for a light, quick, and flavorful dish.