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Learn All About Indirect Grilling

Learn the indirect approach to grilling with this step-by-step tutorial. What is indirect grilling? It's bascially a technique that turns your grill into an outdoor oven so you can cook big items, like whole chickens, pork loins, and beef tenderloins, pizza, some vegetables, etc. So the next time you fire up the grill, use this guide, follow these four simple steps, and take the indirect route to perfectly cooked meats, pizza, vegetables, and more.

Double Duty Huller

Put this rarely used kitchen tool to good use in this tip that makes deboning fish easy as can be.

Healthy Popsicles

With this simple tip, have healthy treats on hand at all times for when your sweet tooth hits!

Sugared Cranberries

Candied cranberries make a festive garnish to holiday dishes this time of year. Best of all, it's simple to do!

How To Seed Squash

Seeding squash can be a messy task. Not anymore with this quick tip that uses a unique kitchen tool.

Safe Chile Slicing

Avoid getting potent spice from chiles on your fingers while chopping with this simple kitchen hack.

Thawing Meat

Find yourself in a pinch with frozen meat and dinner closing in? Use this tip to speed up thawing time!

Freezing Zucchini

Zucchini seem endless in the summer, but come winter they're pretty sparse. Follow this tip for zucchini all year long.

Storing Fresh Berries

Keep summer sweet and extend the life of your fresh berries all summer long with these easy-to-do storage tips.

Citrus Zest

Need zest for a recipe, but don't have a zester? No problem, use another kitchen tool to get the job done!

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