How to Freeze Bananas—For Smoothies & Baking

Don't toss those overripe bananas! Throw them in the freezer instead so you always have ripe bananas on hand for baking or smoothies. Use this simple tip for a less-mess, faster way to freeze and thaw bananas.


Many baking recipes call for mashed, extra-ripe bananas. Instead of tossing overripe bananas, try freezing them instead. You'll always have ripe bananas on hand when the urge strikes to bake banana bread or bars—or make a smoothie! But instead of freezing them whole, peel them first then freeze in resealable freezer bags. You don’t have to wait for them to thaw before peeling. When thawed, just mash them right in the bag, and there’s no mess!


You can also toss them in the freezer, just as they are in their peel. When you have accumulated several, you can use them to make any banana dessert. To “peel” a frozen banana, first let it thaw for about 30 minutes. Then cut off the blossom end and squeeze the banana to push out the flesh, one half at a time. All the brown strings will stay inside the peel.


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