How to Tie a Roast with Slip Knots

Learning how to tie a slip knot is not essential to tying a roast, but it is a more professional way of tying a roast than your standard knot. And, if you're into knitting/crocheting or fishing, you may already know how to do one.


to tie a roast slide a length of kitchen string underneath the roast and draw the string opposite you over and loop under the other string from left to right next place two fingers under the top string and loop that string under your fingers over the top string and through the hole pulling it through you should see two strings parallel to one another between what looks like two knots

repeat the slip nuts in one inch intervals across the length of your roast

next repeat the procedure twice going lengthwise down the roast making the knots perpendicular to one another

The best way to practice your slip knot technique is to use rolling pin, or something similar. Once you get the hang of it, then move onto your roast.