Tips to Keep Cream Cold When Whipping

It's a well-known fact that cold cream whips better—but what do you do when you have a hot kitchen? Here's a few tips and tricks to ensure your heavy cream stays cold so you can make perfect whipped cream every time.


Of course, you can chill the mixing bowl and beaters to make sure your equipment is cold when making whipped cream. But there are a few other ideas that work especially well if your kitchen is hot.

You can use a frozen gel pack from your freezer. Put it under my mixing bowl, then whip the cream. It works like magic to keep your ingredients cold and help whip the cream faster and increase its thickness. Best of all, the packs are reusable!


Here's another “cool little trick” for whipping cream. Fill a large bowl with ice water. Pour the cream in a smaller bowl and set it in the ice water. Anchor both bowls with your hand and beat with a hand mixer. Easy!


Tags: Baking, dairy

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