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How to Neatly Cut Through Meringue

Meringue can be a challenge—it sticks to your knife and tears, usually messing up your beautiful pie or cake. While it's still tasty, try this quick trick to cut through meringue cleanly every time, leaving perfect slices of pie or cake to serve.


Cutting through meringue is always a challenge. You spent a long time getting that meringue just right so you don’t want to mess up all your hard work. The secret is to dip a sharp knife into hot water. Then cut the meringue with the hot, wet knife. You can’t cut down like with a regular pie—you’ll crush the meringue. Instead, first slice lightly across the top of the meringue to get through that initial rubbery layer. The water on your knife dissolves it. The rest should be easy going.

Tags: Baking

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