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Tricks For High-Rise Biscuits

Tricks for High-Rise Biscuits

To get the best results from high-rise biscuits, use these tips and tricks:

  • For biscuits with major rise, pop any tools into the freezer for a few minutes before mixing to ensure that fats won't melt until they’re in the oven.
  • Patting the dough into a circle (see photo, right) compresses it less than rolling it with a rolling pin, giving you a loftier biscuit.
  • Use a sharp biscuit cutter to cut your biscuits. Juice glasses and tin cans trap air and com press biscuit dough, sealing the sides and reducing rise — don’t use them.
  • Excess flour on the tops and bottoms of biscuits can make them seem dry, so brush any excess off befor baking.

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