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4 Tips for Perfect Shortcakes

For the best results, keep these four straightforward points in mind when mixing and cutting shortcake dough.

The biscuit-style shortcakes featured in this week's recipes are made with butter, cream, and yogurt, so they're tender and rich. To ensure your shortcakes rise well and don't turn tough, keep these points in mind:


  • 1. Start with cold butter. If it softens before baking, the shortcakes will be oily and flat.
  • 2. Don't overwork the butter into the dry ingredients. Bigger pieces (shoot for pea-sized) make a flakier shortcake.
  • 3. After adding the cream and yogurt, mix just until the dough comes together. Overmixing will result in a tough cake.
  • 4. Dust the cutter with flour before cutting each cake, and push it straight down. Twisting the cutter into the dough "seals" the sides and could prevent the cake from rising well.

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