Quick & Easy Entertaining Tips

Quick & Easy Entertaining Tips

Entertain With Ease! Try these quick tips the next time you need to pull together a party.

1. Hands-Free Cheese If you've ever served cheese at a party, you've probably noticed that guests are hesitant to touch the wedges to cut off a piece. Corn-on-the-cob holders solve that problem. They pierce neatly into the cheese, providing a perfect handle for moving the chunks around.

2. Freezing Lemon Slices To add a little zip to your drinks, use frozen lemon slices. Lemons (and limes) freeze perfectly. Not only do they add flavor, they keep beverages cooler, too. Keep lemon and lime slices in your freezer to spruce up water, iced tea, beer, or soda.

3. Double-Duty Muffin Tin If your entertaining plans include foods that need condiments, use this handy suggestion to keep the table free from large and unsightly condiment bottles. Place the burger, hot dog, or taco toppings in the wells of a muffin tin. The tin can be placed out of the way at the end of the table, creating a station for guests to dress their food.

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