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How to Choose the Ripest Peaches

It's the height of summer, and peaches are plentiful at farmer's markets — but how do you choose the best fruit? Here are a few pointers!

When choosing fresh peaches, it's best to use your senses. First, touch them. They should give a little when lightly pressed. For this week's chicken skewer recipe, a firmer peach is the way to go, because soft fruit can turn to mush on the grill and fall off the skewers.


    Next, sniff the stem end of the peaches. They should smell sweet and fragrant — if there's no scent, there probably won't be much flavor, either.
    As far as sight goes, look for peaches with smooth, unwrinkled skin and no bruising. Even if they're only slightly bruised, too-ripe peaches will go bad quickly. Also stay away from peaches with a green-tinged background. They were picked too soon and will never be sweet.
    Peaches are highly perishable, so only buy what you can eat in a few days. Store them at room temperature, as refrigerating can diminish their flavor.

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