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Grilling Know-How

Curious on how to achieve the perfect cooked meat? From turning to temperatures, we have the guide for you.

Grilling season isn't complete without perfect steaks. Turn steaks when tiny beads of blood form on their tops and they release easily from the grill. If they stick, they're not ready to turn. Grill them 30 seconds more and try again. When they're ready, turn steaks with tongs, not a fork, which makes holes that allow the juices to escape.


    Temp steaks using an instant-read thermometer, but pull them from the grill just before they reach your preferred doneness. Why? Steaks, especially thick ones, continue cooking as their temperature rises a few degrees while resting. Resting means a juicer steak on your plate because it allows juices that concentrated near the surface of the meat during grilling to redistribute.
    Use this temperature guide to cook your steaks exactly as you like:
    RARE — 115°–120°, maroon center and just barely warm

      __MEDIUM-RARE__ — 125°–130°, pinkish-red and hot in the center
        __MEDIUM__ — 135°–140°, pink in the center and hot

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