How to Fold In Egg Whites

The secret to soufflés is all in the egg whites. Keep them as light and air-filled as possible with this folding technique.

How to Fold In Egg Whites

Beating air into egg whites is what ultimately causes soufflés to rise so high, so the last thing you want to do is deflate the whites when you combine them with the rest of the batter.


    To maximize their airy texture, first stir a third of the egg whites into the base to lighten it up, then scoop the rest of the whites on top and use a rubber spatula to cut through the mixture to the bottom. Then, move the scraper up along the side of the bowl and gently bring some of the base up and over the top in one smooth motion, turning the bowl a quarter-turn each fold. You’re finished when the mixture is nearly incorporated.

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