How to Make Perfectly Seared Steaks

To achieve delicious results on the grill, a good sear is a must. Follow these five, simple steps to get the most flavor from your steak.

How to Make Perfectly Seared Steaks

A good sear is essential for a tasty steak, releasing sugars that are then caramelized on its surface. Follow these five, simple steps, and your steaks are guaranteed to have big "meaty" flavor.


    1. Ask the butcher to cut thicker steaks (1½-inches). Thin steaks are too easy to overcook, while thick steaks get a better sear on the outside without overcooking.
    2. Let your steaks come to room temperature before grilling.
    3. Trim any excess fat from them. Rib-eyes have interior fat that, as it melts, will keep the steak moist — but you should trim the external fat to ⅛-inch thick or it could melt into the flames, causing flare-ups and charred steaks.
    4. Blot the steaks dry to remove any moisture from the packaging (although quality steaks shouldn't really have any). Excess moisture prevents a good sear and that prevents flavor.
    5. Finally, use tongs or a spatula to turn steaks, not a fork. Piercing leaves holes that cause flavorful juices to run out, and you want to keep as much juicy flavor as possible!

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